BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 2 Week 2 to feature 64 teams, Check List

The second week of The Grind Round 2 will feature 64 teams and will begin on August 10th. Check out all 64 teams below.

BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 2 is underway. The first week is now over and a total of 64 teams battled to qualify for round 3. A total of 32 make their way into Round 3 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 The Grind. The remaining 64 teams will battle in The Grind Round 2 Week 2. Read on to learn more about the upcoming week’s participants.

The Grind started with 256 invited teams, this number has been decreasing every week. Currently, only 96 teams are left in The Grind. After Round 2 of Week 2, 32 teams will be eliminated, leaving only 64 teams to compete in Round 3.

The Grind Round 2 Week 2 Teams

War Mania Esports
FORCA Officials
GE Phoenix
TF5X7HILLS Esports
OR Esports
FFC Esports
 UP50 Esports
X7 Officials
Team Silent Killers
Cratic Esports
Team Elite
Team Snax
Galaxy Esports
Baaz Esports
FS Esports
Team Soul
Team Ayesha
Team Five Chief
Team Rusher
ORB Officials
Team Psyche
Rising Falcons
4King Esports
XNOR Esports
Revenge Esports
T Navvam
High Voltage
Team Xspark
Orgless Five
Intrepid Esports
Numen Esports
Signify Esports
Aerobotz Esports
Spy Esports
Hyderabad Hydras
Growing Strong
Revenant Esports
Genesis Esports
Scammers Esports
ELF Esports
Autobotz Esports
ASLAAA Esports
Gujrat Tigers
RVNC Esports
Instinct Outliers
Bloodrose Esports
Medal Esports
Team Mayhem
Error Esports
Spyder Esports
Celsius AKD
Jux Esports
Claw Esports
Enigma Gaming
Team Tribal Esports
X7 Wolves
AEB India
Team Tamilas
Blind Esports
Team Fatality

These 64 teams will feature in BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 2 Week 2, which is scheduled to start on August 10 and run until August 13. These teams will be further divided into 4 groups of 16 teams each, and the top 32 teams will qualify for the Round 3 of The Grind.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 will start soon after The Grind is over, and it’s going to be the first official event of Battlegrounds Mobile India after its unban in the country. India’s top teams and underdog teams will battle for the BGIS 2023 title and a prize pool of Rs 2 crore.

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