BGIS 2023 Verification Ends Today, Check Your Eligibility for In-Game Qualifiers

Verification for registration will close today, and in-game qualifiers will start after that. Check your eligibility for BGIS 2023 in-game qualifiers.

BGIS 2023 verification for registration will end today, August 9. As per schedule, the in-game qualifiers will start tomorrow. 10 matches out of 15 classic ranked matches played with the registered squad will count in the in-game qualifiers. Players who passed the verification process were eligible to compete in the BGIS 2023 in-game Qualifiers.

The first phase of BGIS 2023, The Grind, is currently underway. The in-game qualifiers are going to start on August 10th and last until August 17th. This is an important opportunity for underdog teams to demonstrate their potential in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series, which is also known as the Tournament of Underdogs when underdog teams battle against India’s best teams. Krafton’s initial product is BGIS 2023.

Check Your Eligibility for In-Game Qualifiers

For successful participation in the BGIS 2023 In-game qualifiers, players need to remember that they met two requirements at the time of registration: they must have registered with a level of 25 or higher ID, and their current rank should be Platinum 5 or above. Players who are unable to match these criteria will not be able to compete in BGIS 2023. Players who successfully passed the criteria will get a notification from Krafton.

BGIS 2023 next phase’s schedule

  • In-game Qualifiers: August 10–17
  • Round 1–Round 6: 31st August–7th October
  • BGIS Grand Finals: October 12th–14th

KRAFTON, Inc. announces BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES (BGIS) 2023, the first-ever BGIS tournament with a LAN event finale. Touted as the biggest Battle Royale Esports tournament in India, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series will witness thousands of teams competing for prize money of INR 2 crore. Keeping in sync with its commitment to provide local experiences for players and fans, the Grand Finals of the event will be broadcast in 10 languages, including English, Hindi, and 8 other regional languages, making sure the excitement reaches every corner of the country.

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