The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 main event is about to start and Krafton, BGMI’s publisher, has revealed the details for Round 2 of the event. The event will see multiple underdog and seasoned squads competing with each other across two months across multiple qualifying rounds for a massive prize pool of INR 2 Crores.

BGIS 2024 Round 4 detailed

Round 2 of BGIS 2024 will be played from 9th May to 12th May. Round 2 will see 512 teams, 480 teams from Round 1 and 32 teams (33rd – 64th ranked) from The Grind event and will be divided into 32 groups. Each group will play 6 matches with a total of 224 teams, the top 7 teams from each group will advance to Round 3. Additionally, the top 16 teams based on the overall standings among the remaining teams will also qualify for Round 3.

  • Enigma Gaming

  • 7Shore Esports

  • Chemin Esports

  • Big Brother Esports

  • 47 Esports

  • Fintox Esports

  • TWOB

  • Gaming University

  • Galaxy Esports

  • Regression Esports

  • Nonx Esports

  • KHxCurious Esports

  • U4G Esports

  • AOP Esports

  • Armageddon 

  • LOC Esports

  • Aerobotz Esports

  • Sincere Gaming

  • Execute Esports

  • AGC Esports

  • Nameless Crew

  • Zero Vibes 

  • Team7 Esports

  • Lunatic Esports

  • Gods Reign

  • Dream Team Esports

  • GlitchxReborn

  • TCW Official

  • Team Insane 

  • Carnival Gaming

  • G2 Battleground

  • Real Esports

  • FLY Esports

  • Youtube Skull

  • Rivalry Esports

  • Faith Esports

  • FS Esports

  • Reckoning Esports

  • Gujarat Tigers

  • AstroKids

  • Team INS

  • Xnor Esports

  • Do or Die

  • Grind One Esports

  • Team Tamilas

  • Team Evoke

  • Imprint Esports

  • GameHub Esports

  • Karunaadu Esports

  • TMG Esports

  • No1 Esports

  • WSB Gaming

  • Autobotz Esports

  • THW Esports

  • ClawXPirat Esport

  • Team 8Bit

Points System

The BGIS 2024 event will see a new points system where the team securing the chicken dinner will be awarded 10 points unlike before where it was 15 points. The new points system puts a significant amount of emphasis on the finishes each team secures. 

Where to watch BGIS 2024 The Grind Round 2?

Round 2 of the BGIS 2024 main event will be live streamed on the official from 9th May, 3:30 PM onwards in the Hindi and English languages. It is to be noted that only a few group matches will be live streamed each day and the rest of the teams will be playing their respective matches offline. 

Round 2 will see multiple seasoned teams like Gods Reign, Carnival Gaming, Gujarat Tigers, Team 8Bit, Team XSpark and more compete for a spot in Round 3.