BGIS Semifinals Day 1: check Highlights, Clutches and Results before Day 2

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The semifinals of Battlegrounds Mobile India was nothing less than expected. With still four more days to go, both the favourites as well as underdog teams have overtaken the battlegrounds with glorious gameplays and clutches. BGIS Semifinals Day 1, BGIS 2021, BGIS Semifinals, BGIS Semifinals Day 1 Results, BGIS Semifinals Day 1 Highlights

Starting off with one of our favourite contenders, Godlike showed superior control over the momentum of any fight. Even when the team was at a number’s disadvantage while facing the most vicious opponents like Team X Spark, they still managed to outplay the rival’s every move and turned every fight to gold. Clutchgod was the star performer of the day as the man showed a whole other level of agility during intense firefights.

Team X Spark on the other hand was a total letdown and seemed very out of rhythm. While facing both known and unknown opponents, Team X Spark frequently lost teammates before the fight was even reaching its climax.

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OR Esports came up with very commendable consistency and lasted till the final survivors in multiple matches. However, if the Evo could have capitalized that 1v3 on the first Erangel, the team would have been sitting at the top of the table, surpassing Skylightz Gaming.

TSM, as usual, conquered the maps but fans are still waiting for another 30 kill chicken dinner that can rally their position towards the top of the table.

Team XO finished 9th on the board, while the fan favourite, team SouL is still lagging at the 20th. Viper and his teammates have some really steep hills to climb if they wish to catch up to the likes of Skylightz Gaming who are in no shape to give up the number one spot.

Enjoy the highlights from Day 1 of BGIS 2021 Semifinals below

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BGIS Semifinals Day 1 Overall Standings:

Overall Standings – BGIS Semifinals Day 1
Overall Standings - BGIS Semifinals Day 1
Overall Standings – BGIS Semifinals Day 1
Overall Standings - BGIS Semifinals Day 1
Overall Standings – BGIS Semifinals Day 1




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