BGMI 2.7 Update to Bring Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India, a popular Battle Royale game is set to launch its highly anticipated 2.7 Update featuring Dragon Ball Super Theme Mode and amazing new features.

Battlegrounds Mobile India consistently brings thrilling new modes and features to the game. After PUBG Mobile, BGMI is set to introduce the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Super collaboration in its 2.7 Update. Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.7 Update will introduce a new theme mode in the game, Dragon Ball Super Theme Mode with fantastic features and character skills from the Dragon Ball Super series, including iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, and others. 2.7 update will add an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to the gaming experience

Dragon Ball Super Theme Mode

The Dragon Ball Super Mode will be added to the Ranked Erangel Map, with some amazing features from Dragon Ball Super like Kamehameha, speed, reflexes, and many more.

  • 1. Kamehameha: This is Goku’s power, and players can use it to kill enemies with a wave of superpowers.
  • 2. Dragon Radar: Dragon Radar is a default feature that shows gamers the locations of Dragon Ball and Crates.
  • 3. Dragon Ball Loot Crates: These crates appear randomly on the map and provide players with valuable loot and dragon balls.
  • 4. Shenron Dragon Altar: After collecting all seven dragon balls, the Shenron Dragon Altar appears, and players can choose one of the three wishes the dragon offers.
  • 5. KI Energy: In order to use the various Dragon Ball powers, KI Energy is essential. You can’t use your abilities if your energy runs out.
  • 6. Levitation Technique: Players can fly into the air with the Levitation Technique.
  • 7. Poi Poi Capsule: This capsule transforms into a bullet-proof glass vehicle, which gamers can re-add this capsules to their backpack.
  • 8. Revive Teammates: If a member of your team is eliminated, you can bring him back into the game by making a wish to Shenron Dragon.
  • 9. Fast Running: Gamers will get the option to boost their character’s speed in the game.
  • 10. Dragon Ball Village: The village is marked on the map, and players will get various powers and dragon balls from this village.

This update is going to be an amazing update for BGMI fans as they get to play new modes in the game with Dragon Ball Superpowers like Kamehameha, Dragon Ball Super Village, Poi Poi Capsule, Fast Running, Levitation Technique, and more.

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