BGMI 2.8 Update Zombies Edge Mode: Aerolith Labs & Outpost Zone Explained

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) had impressed its fans with the Dragon Ball Z event and many were eager to know what Krafton had in store for the new update that could match that same level of excitement and thrill. The new 2.8 update has brought several modes and events for the fans including the and Zombies Edge mode. The Zombie Edge mode can only be played on the maps of Erangel, Miramar and Livik.

The 2.8 update also has some major changes such as the AUG can be procured from the regular looting spots and the Famas, the recently introduced 5.56mm weapon, can now be found in Air Drops

What are Aerolith Labs & Outpost Zone in Zombies Edge mode?

Aerolith Labs:

The Aerolith Labs in the new Zombies Edge mode offers intense battles for players who are on the lookout for back to back fights on the drop location. This will act as a hot drop in BGMI till the mode is active. The drop location also offers loot in the highest amount which ensures players can instantly engage in fights. It also gives players a respawn card which can be used by players to respawn if they are eliminated.

The Aerolith Lab has an Aerolith rock which acts as a timer. As the timer ticks and time passes the zombie grows stronger and once the time is finished the Rage Berserker is spawned. The Rage Berserker in this mode is one of the toughest enemies and players will have to strategically plan and defeat him. After defeating him, players will be awarded with some valuable loot. Players will also be able to get the Maglev Hoverboard from the Aerolith Labs which allows them to move from one place to another quickly.

Outpost Zone:

The Outpost Zone in the Zombie Edge mode has the Zombie boss. Players will be required to carefully plan their attack to defeat the Zombie boss as he is the most powerful one among all the other zombies. Once the Zombie boss is defeated, players will be rewarded with Level 3 loot and can also collect mutation items as well as the Pocket Vehicle item.

Players are recommended to play the Zombie Edge mode with their squad. When players fight the Rage Berserker or the Zombie boss, having a squad will give you a strategic advantage in defeating them.