BGMI A1 Royale Pass Coming Soon, Check Out the Rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.7 Update is set to release on August 9, 2023. The update will bring BGMI A1 Royale Pass soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.7 update is around the corner which will bring new content, feature, and Royale Pass. The ongoing Royale Pass Month 22 was set to end on the 13th of August. But following an announcement by Krafton, it will not be accessible. BGMI A1 Royale Pass coming very soon.

Another notable reward in the A1 Royale Pass is the A1 Phantom M416 weapon skin. This skin gives the M416 a black and red finish, and it also features a skull logo on the magazine. The A1 Phantom M416 weapon skin will be available for players who reach RP level 50. In addition to the A1 Phantom outfit and the A1 Phantom M416 weapon skin, the A1 Royale Pass will also feature a number of other rewards, including:

  • A1 Phantom backpack
  • A1 Phantom headgear
  • A1 Phantom parachute
  • A1 Phantom emote
  • A1 Phantom spray
  • A1 Phantom title

The A1 Royale Pass will be available in two tiers: Elite and Elite Plus. The Elite tier will cost 360 UC, and the Elite Plus tier will cost 960 UC. Players who purchase the Elite Plus tier will get access to additional rewards, such as a special A1 Phantom border.

The A1 Royale Pass will run for eight weeks, and players can earn up to 100 RP levels by completing challenges. Each RP level rewards players with UC, BP, and other items. Players who reach RP level 100 will unlock the A1 Phantom outfit.

The BGMI A1 Royale Pass is a great way to earn new rewards and show off your style in BGMI. If you’re looking for a new challenge, be sure to check it out when it releases in August 2023.

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