BGMI Ban: Could the BGMI Ban be a boon in disguise for Indian Esports?

BGMI Ban: The BGMI Ban took the entire Indian esports community by storm when it silently dropped on July 28, 2022. The game…

BGMI Ban: The BGMI Ban took the entire Indian esports community by storm when it silently dropped on July 28, 2022. The game was quietly removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. While fans mourned the loss of the game a year after its launch, others believe that the BGMI ban might not be all bad. Several esports enthusiasts in India are of the belief that the ban might be a boon in disguise, since the spotlight can now finally be on other esport titles as well. For more such updates about the BGMI Ban, keep following ..

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BGMI Ban labeled as a boon in disguise for other titles in Indian esports community

BGMI was launched in India after the government banned PUBG back in 2020 for security reasons. The game had a huge fanbase and saw an incredibly successful year before being struck by a ban hammer a few days ago. The game was banned rather silently, and neither Krafton nor the Government of India has stated any reason for the ban so far. Fans, however, have had a lot to say about the matter.

BGMI Ban official announcement (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India/Facebook)

BGMI was one of the largest esports titles that was prevalent in the Indian esports community. In fact, Krafton recently hosted the BGMI Masters Series, India’s first televised esports event. The tournament turned out to be a massive hit, amassing more views than the French Open and UCL Semis. Naturally, it is safe to say that when the title got banned, fans were not pleased. Many believed that this was a huge setback for the esports scene in India, since the game got banned amidst an ongoing tournament, the BGMI ESPL Season 2.

In fact, the news spread wide enough for popular esports journalist Jake Lucky to report the same, and even he mentioned that the ban was a huge blow for the Indian esports scene.

However, several esports enthusiasts seem to believe otherwise. While most are mourning the loss of the game, others believe that the BGMI ban could actually be a good thing for Indian esports as a whole. Owing to the huge popularity of competitive BGMI in India, especially after the multiple LAN events being hosted in recent times, the Indian esports scene has almost become synonymous with the Indian esports scene. Therefore, several fans believe that the game’s ban could bring the spotlight upon other titles in the esports faction as well, and players can try their hands on professional competitive play in other esports titles too. COD Mobile, VALORANT, Free Fire MAX, and eFIFA are some of the major esports titles that can benefit from this scenario.

Others even went on to add that titles like PUBG and BGMI were merely stepping stones for the Indian esports community to progress on to other game titles in the competitive sphere.

So far, fans are still somewhat hopeful that the government will revoke the BGMI ban. However, nothing can be confirmed on this front till any official announcement.

Why was BGMI banned in India?

The BGMI ban left many users in India extremely puzzled. Since the ban took place very silently, neither the government nor Krafton have made any official announcement regarding the reason behind the ban yet. However, fans are still curious about the reason behind the BGMI ban, and have narrowed it down to two main reasons.

The BGMI ban was handed under Section 69A of the IT Act, which was the same section under which PUBG was banned. Furthermore, central intelligence authorities have pointed towards a China link which has also been mentioned as a motivating factor behind the ban.

Finally, a horrific incident took place in India last month where a young 16-year-old boy shot his mother over an argument regarding BGMI. A complaint was filed against the game, stating that it was just as harmful for children as titles like PUBG. Many believe this to be a contributing factor behind the title’s ban as well.

Fans must bear in mind that there has been no official announcement stating the actual reason behind the ban, so these are all simply speculations. While most fans are still hoping for the game to get unbanned, others are already willing to see the silver lining to the situation.

For more such updates about the BGMI Ban, keep following ..

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