BGMI: Don’t Miss These Free Skins From the Bonus Top Up Event

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is back on our devices with a bang and the developers are leaving no excuses to make the relaunch month memorable. After the ranked season reset that came along with free Seasonal rewards, the developers have now introduced a brand new top up event in the game where players will get a free outfit, gun skin, UC vouchers and more.

What are the Top Up Rewards in BGMI?

The “Bonus Top Up” event went live on 3rd June and will remain in the game till 1st July. Players have almost a one month window within which they need to recharge specific amounts of UC to avail the free rewards. Below are the list of rewards with respect to their top-up requirement. 

  • Top Up 100 UC – 10 UC Voucher (30 Days)

  • Top Up 200 UC – 10 UC Voucher x 2 (30 days)

  • Top Up 500 UC – Blood Rose Set

  • Top Up 1000 UC – Rhythmic Mirth M16A4

  • Top Up 3000 UC – Paint

  • Top Up 8000 UC – Materials

Except for the vouchers, all the items included in the reward pool are permanent. ‘Paint’ and ‘Materials’ can be used to upgrade firearms skins that players often need to purchase separately.