BGMI Dragon Ball New Update will bring new Mode, Kamehameha Emote, and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.7 Update is around the corner. BGMI Dragon Ball New Update will bring Kamehameha Emote, new characters, and more content.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, a popular battle royale game, is set to bring collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. to bring the powers of Dragon Ball characters to the game and many exciting features, including super speed and flying vehicles. Read on to learn more about BGMI Dragon Ball New Update.

Erangle Dragon Ball Super Theme Mode

The New Dragon Ball theme mode will be added to the Ranked Erangle map. You can gain superpowers like flying, super speed, reflexes, and many more in the match by collecting various power balls from marked locations on the map.

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

The battle royale: Dragon Ball Super mode has been added to the unranked Erangle map, and as of now, there will be speculation about all anime mode gameplay in the Dragon Ball Super mode.


  • Dragon Ball Village: Dragon Ball villages are marked on the map; from there, you can get special dragon balls and other balls to gain superpowers.
  • Shenron Dragon: You have to collect the seven dragon balls to activate the Shenron Dragon. Once you activate him, you can choose one of the three rewards that Shernon Dragon offers.
  • Kame House: Kame House is a house on a little island in the middle of the sea. It is the residence of Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball anime series. You can find these houses on beaches in the game.
  • Goku Justu: Goku Justu is Goku’s signature attack that you can use in the game. You are able to kill enemies by flying through the air with superpowers.

As of now, the release date has not been announced, but These are very special features and modes from the collaboration between BGMI and Dragon Ball Super. This collab is looking amazing at first glance, and many more features and events are yet to be announced. BGMI Dragon Ball New Update is going to be one of the best collaborations for the game.

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