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BGMI: Esports Organization Orangutan Founder, Yash Bhanushali Claims the Game “Coming Soon” Along With Free Fire


The Indian Esports scene took a major tumble earlier this year, with the suspension of two of the most popular Battle Royale titles in Krafton’s BGMI and Garena’s Free Fire.

The two mobile titles had risen up to the top of the Indian gaming charts before it was banned by the Indian government amid security concerns. Since then, the community has been waiting to see if the developers and the government are working on overturning the suspension.

So far, we haven’t heard much progress regarding the overturning. However, the Esports community received a glimmer of hope the return of these titles from Orangutan Gaming Founder, Yash Bhanushali.

With the community losing hope over the return of BGMI and Free Fire, Bhanushali recently tweeted that the government is looking to regulate the Esports space, while also bringing back the titles mentioned above.

While many rumors showcased signs of no return for BGMI and Free Fire, many have also suggested that the games could make a potential comeback before the end of the year. With Bhanushali’s insight into the matter, fans are much more hopeful than before over the end of the suspensions.

However, with no development from the developer’s side, fans continue to remain in the dark, and it will be interesting to see if BGMI and Free Fire could make a roaring comeback in 2022, with less than two months to go before the clock strikes 12 for 2023.

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