BGMI Gallant Crate: New Mini14 Skin, Legendary Outfit and More


The offers different types of rewards through events and crates. Each event and crate is based on a specific theme, and the rewards are also based on the same theme. Recently, BGMI added a new crate to the game containing several character outfits and an upgradable weapon skin. Players can receive these rewards by spending Unknown Cash (UC). In this article we will take a look at the rewards the crate has to offer and how players can get these rewards.

BGMI Gallant Crate rewards detailed 

The Gallant Crate in BGMI is one of the few crates which will provide players with a number of different rewards like Legendary outfits and an exclusive upgradable Mini14 skin. Players will have to play the event draw to receive the character costumes or weapon skins like the Mini14 and more skins available in the crate. The event went live on 1st May and will end after a 30 day period.

  • Gallant Jockey Mini14 skin (level 1).

  • Gallant Jockey Cover.

  • Gallant Jockey Set.

  • Gallant Jockey Helmet.

  • Gallant Jockey Backpack skin.

  • Gallant Jockey Stun Grenade skin.

  • Frost Enforcer Mask.

  • Frost Enforcer Set.

  • Frost Enforcer Molotov Cocktail skin.

  • Frost Enforcer Parachute skin.

  • Modification Material Pieces.

  • Material.

How to draw rewards from the Gallant Crate?

  • Open the app, then select crates from the menu in the upper right corner of the launch screen.

  • Locate and tap on the Gallant Crate.

  • Players will see two different draw options. When you select the open once option, it will cost 60 UC for a single draw. Draws can also be done 10 times at once and will cost 540 UC.

The Gallant Crate is a great opportunity for players to get multiple male and female Legendary outfits and weapon skins. Players would like to have their hands on the exclusive Mini14 skin as an upgradable skin for this gun as it rarely occurs in crates.