BGMI Guide: Mastering the Art of Hip-Fire

Players who want to achieve success and become one of the most skilled players in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) need to know certain techniques while taking part in fights. To win close range battles players will have to use the hip-fire technique. This technique is complex but with some practice players can master it and easily win close range battles.

How to master Hip-Fire In BGMI

Hip-fire technique is when players use their crosshair to aim and shoot at the enemies without using Aim Down Sight (ADS). This also allows players to have quick movement while shooting which is another important aspect while taking close range battles. 

It is important to know when to use the hip-fire technique and when to use the ADS. Using hip-fire in mid range battles is not recommended as precision and accuracy in these situations reduces significantly. It is important to take close range battles while using hip-fire as it is easy to deal headshots with precision.

Hip-Fire allows you to have a good amount of jiggle or peek and shoot movement speed while shooting bullets. Having good movement speed will allow players to win close range engagements with ease. Players will need to have stability in terms of speed and accuracy while shooting at enemies with hip-fire.

Players will have to find the right sensitivity to take full advantage of the hip-fire technique. Players can use either low or high sensitivity settings to master the hip-fire technique. Hip-Fire requires precision in close quarter combat and having low sensitivity will allow players to have accuracy in hitting headshots at close range. On the other hand, higher sensitivity allows players to shift their aim from one enemy to another and have quick engagements with multiple enemies. You will need to practice and choose a sensitivity as per your comfort.

Hip Fire in BGMI is all about dealing the most amount of damage in quick time with precision. Assault Rifles (ARs) such as AKM and M762, SubMachine Guns (SMGs) such as UZI, Vector and UMP45 or Shotguns like the DBS and S12K are among the deadliest weapons at close range and deal the most damage in quick time. Achieving accuracy with ARs in close range is difficult compared to SMGs and Shotguns so it is recommended that players choose their weapons wisely while using hip-fire.

To master the hip-fire technique, players will need to continuously practice with it in the training ground. You can also play the Team DeathMatch (TDM) or Arena Training in Arena Mode to increase your hip-fire skills. These modes allow you to take close range fights and are perfect to improve your skills.