BGMI Heart to Heart Exchange Center: How to Exchange Hearts for Rewards

The recently released 3.0 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has brought several events for the players which offer some amazing rewards. Recently, the Heart to Heart Exchange Center event was added to the game which has some fantastic permanent rewards. In this article we will take a look at the rewards and how players can obtain them from the event.

BGMI Heart to Heart Exchange Center event detailed

The Heart to Heart Exchange Center event in BGMI offers character costumes, Classic Crate Coupons and Supply Crate Coupons. The rewards can be obtained by playing Classic mode matches, Arena mode and by completing the missions in the sub event section to collect the Hearts. The Hearts can be used to redeem character costumes and coupons from the exchange center section. The event went live on 25th January along with the new 3.0 update and will end on 9th February. 

  • 1800 Hearts – Urbane Captain Set.

  • 1000 Hearts – Urbane Captain Cover.

  • 90 Hearts – Classic Crate Coupon (5x redemption.).

  • 30 Hearts – Supply Crate Coupons (10x redemptions).

How to get Hearts?

To redeem these rewards players will need Hearts which can be collected by completing daily missions available in the sub events. Players should make sure to complete all the missions and collect as many Hearts as possible to redeem the maximum number of rewards. The event has further been divided into four parts, Popularity Fest, Play and Slay, Arena Time and Login.

By completing missions on a daily basis, players can collect as many Hearts as possible and exchange them for exclusive in-game rewards. This event is an excellent opportunity for players to get free character costumes, Classic and Supply Crate coupons, useful for redeeming rewards from Classic or Supply Crates.