BGMI: Krafton Requests Players and Tournament Organisers to Stop Streaming the Game on Their Channels


BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India is a title that won the hearts of players across the Indian subcontinent. The title had become a part and parcel of their lives until it was banned from the country. Since the game has been banned, players have been waiting to hear some news about its return from developers.

Recently we received an update from the Krafton CEO Changhan Kim, who stated “uncertainties will start to mitigate” in select regions in 2023. However there has been no development on the topic since then. Moreover, popular esports organizations have began figuring out alternative titles to invest their time in, and many feel that New State Mobile has the potential to reach the level of BGMI.

At the moment, it seems BGMI’s return is not in the books anymore. Recent revelations from popular BGMI news source,, reveal that Krafton has asked players and tournament organisers to stop streaming the game on their respective YouTube and Twitch channels. The post also contains a clip from Team S8UL 8Bit Goldy’s (Lokesh Jain) stream, addressing the situation.

8Bit Goldy has stated that not just tournament organizers, but Krafton has also told Team S8UL that all streams should be closed with immediate effect. On top of that, he also shared that if anyone is caught streaming BGMI on their channel, then they will be removed from Team S8UL. It is currently being speculated that the government of India has asked Krafton to take this move of asking players to not stream the game anymore.

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