BGMI Lite Release Date, Pre-Registration, APK Download

BGMI Lite The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has already hit the Play Store. There have been more than 30 Million downloads of this popular mobile game in India. We are still waiting for an update on BGMI for iOS which is due for a long time. The game is still in a beta state.

Indian Mobile Gaming Players have demanded Krafton to release BGMI Lite in India. Basically, it is a Lighter Version of the Pubg Mobile Game For Low-End Smartphones, lower specs, or mid-budget Android phones. Recently, they tried to trend #wewantbgmilite on Twitter to raise their voice.

Currently, people with high-end smartphones are enjoying BGMI but it’s not a smooth experience for low-budget phones. That’s why a big portion of the players has been looking forward to the BGMI Lite release date which is not known yet.


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BGMI Lite APK – What do we know so far?

  • BGMI Lite APK download links over the internet are spam and must be avoided. There is no apk released for this game so far.
  • Some media reports suggest that Krafton is working on BGMI Lite (Source). However, there isn’t any authentic information regarding the same from the official developer company.

First, Krafton will release an Alpha version of BGMI Lite which won’t be publicly available. It will be shared with the company’s staff and testing partners to find and fix the bugs. Then a Beta Version will be made publicly available for a broad number of users.

After months of testing and bug fixing the final version of BGMI Lite will be ready. Just like the PUBG Mobile, there won’t be any BGMI Lite version for iPhones/iOS-based devices because those devices are already powerful enough to smoothly run the main version of the game.

BGMI Lite Pre-Registration & Early Access

Pre-Registration will be available on the Google Play Store once it’s available in the beta stage. BGMI Lite Early Access will be initially given to the selected number of users. However, there is no confirmation about the schedule or BGMI Lite Release Date so far.

There has been a great demand from the players about the release of the lighter version of the game. But Krafton, the game company, hasn’t said a single word about the release of the BGMI Lite version yet. Once available, early birds will get Welcome Bonus (Crates and Coins) for the BGMI Lite Pre Registration.

The features of the BGMI Lite game will be the same as the main game, even the gameplay experience will be smoother and bug-free. The only disadvantage will be the lack of high-quality graphics which is actually a good thing because the low-spec phones won’t be able to run it smoothly otherwise.

Not sure, how to download BGMI Lite? Well, the process is very easy. It will be just like your regular application installed on your phone. You will simply need to open the Google Play Store, apply for the pre-registration. Once the BGMI Lite is released, the Play Store will automatically start the installation of the BGMI Lite Game.

Once Krafton release this lighter version officially, the BGMI Lite APK downloading will also be available through the 3rd Party App stores such as APK Pure, Tap Tap, APK Mirror, etc. Avoid downloading BGMI Lite APK from untrusted websites as it may harm your phone.

The Official Game Developer, Krafton or any other trusted sites haven’t issued a single hint about the BGMI Lite development. It’s very unlikely to see the release of this game in the country as of now. You should subscribe to Krafton’s Twitter/Facebook profiles to get noticed about any update on the BGMI

Despite the lower specs required for BGMI, it’s not as smooth as PUBG Mobile Lite for the budget/mid-spec phone users. We have tried playing BGMI on low-end Android Phones and it was full of lag, glitches, and ping issues which was not a thing with the PUBG Mobile Lite.

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