BGMI M21 Royal Pass Week 1 Missions Explained

India’s favorite mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) made its return to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the last week of May and was available for play to all users from 29th May. Amidst this wave of new updates, there is one particular feature that has managed to captivate the hearts of BGMI players—the highly anticipated Month 21 (M21) Royale Pass. After a few days of the game being made available, players and fans are keen on completing the Royal Pass weekly missions. 

Here’s all you need to know about the M21 Royal Pass Week 1 missions.

BGMI M21 Week 1 Royal Pass Missions

There are two variants of the Royale Pass in BGMI. The Elite Pass version costs 360 Unknown Cash (UC) whereas the Elite Pass Plus that comes with exclusive perks costs 960 UC. Players who have the Royale Pass voucher will also get a 60UC discount on their purchases. Notably, the M21 Royale Pass will remain live in the game till 1st July.

Here are the missions and their corresponding rewards:

  • 100 RP: [Elite] Win a Classic match 2 times while wearing a Military Vest Level 3

  • 100 RP: [Elite] Use Bandages 45 times in Classic mode.

  • 75 RP: [Repeatable] (Week 1 only) Spend 100 minutes in matches.

  • 150 RP: [Friend Boost] Equip 2 firearms with full attachments at the same time in 5 Classic matches.

  • 75 RP: [Friend Bonus] Complete 7 matches with friends in Classic mode.

  • 75 RP: [Team Boost] Pick up the Flare gun in 4 matches with teammates in Classic mode.

  • 75 RP: Give 24 LIKEs to teammates.

  • 75 RP: Play 3 World of Wonder Creations.

  • 75 RP: Travel more than 12,000 meters while operating any vehicle in Classic mode.

  • 75 RP: Finish 24 enemies with AKM in Classic mode.

  • 75 RP: Send Space Gifts to 8 different friends.

  • 75 RP: Pick up a Kar98K in 8 matches in Classic mode.

Meanwhile, there’s also another in-game event happening in BGMI called Jewel Exchange Center. This particular event will run until 28th June. Notably, players can exchange their Phantom Jewels for artifacts and other mythic cosmetics as part of this center. This event gives users the opportunity to get their hands on stellar rewards including cosmetics and emotes. 

You can check out all the rewards for the to keep close tabs on the event.