BGMI Masters Series Season 2 will follow 2 points per finish in first circle

BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 will follow 2 points per finish in the first circle. This point system will allow lot more early fights

The BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 is around the corner. Nodwin Gaming announced that players will get 2 points per finish in the first circle of the game. With this concept, a lot more fights may happen in the early phases of the match.

Nodwin Gaming x Star Sports recently announced BGMS Season 2. Building upon its record-shattering success in season 1, the upcoming season 2 of the BGMI Masters Series is scheduled to kick off on August 4, featuring 24 teams.

In the BGMI competitive scene, you normally get 1 point per finish. But Nodwin Gaming, tournament organizers of BGMS Season 2, decided to break the norm and choose the 2-point per finish in order to increase excitement in the game from the start of the game.

Drop clashes happened most of the time in matches, and to avoid early casualties, most teams preferred to move to other small drops or separate compounds for loot. However, the new point system allows teams to take this risk, as if they win, they would receive 8 points immediately after eliminating a team in the first circle.

BGMS Season 2 Points System

2 Points Per finish

Position Points
1st position15 points
2nd position12 points
3rd position10 points
4th position8 points
5th position6 points
6th position4 points
7th position2 points
8th position1 points
9th position0 points
10th position0 points
11th position0 points
12th position0 points
13th position0 points
14th position0 points
15th position0 points
16th position0 points

The second season of the BGMI Masters Series is set to begin on August 4th and run until August 27th, 2023. 24 Teams will play for a massive prize pool of INR 2.1 crore. The high-octane live broadcast of BGMS Season 2 will kick off at 9:30 p.m. on the Star Sports Network and Rooter.

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