BGMI Mega Modes: All That We Know So Far


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BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Mega Modes have gone live on game servers with seven beloved modes making a comeback from PUBG Mobile. Vikendi, Infection Mode, Titans: Last Stand, Survive Till Dawn, Metro Royale, Payload 2 and Runic Power modes are all being brought back into Battlegrounds Mobile India. The BGMI Mega Modes will be available in rotation and will need to be downloaded in-game throughout the duration of the event. As of now, Vikendi, Metro Royale and Titans: Last Stand modes are available to play. Note that these modes are available for a limited time only, so make the most of your favourite mode. Here is everything you need to know about BGMI Mega Modes.

BGMI Mega Modes currently available

Vikendi mode

The Vikendi mode allows players to play in the snowy, ice covered 6×6 map. The smaller map forces players into more fights and features an exclusive vehicle, the snowmobile. Vikendi mode also features the G36C assault rifle/carbine weapon exclusive to the map. The Vikendi map was first introduced into PUBG Mobile in the 1.4 Update. The Vikendi mode will be available on fixed days every week.

Metro Royale

The Metro Royale mode is the other BGMI Mega Mode currently available to download and play. Metro Royale has three maps to choose from including Frontline Confrontation, Old Blockade Zone (Basic) and Old Blockade Zone (Advanced). Some features like the special black market place have been brought back from the older Metro Royale game mode featured in PUBG Mobile. Players can play the game mode till 16th Nov 2021 and earn rewards upon levelling up.

Titans: Last Stand

Titans: Last Stand mode is currently available to play. Players can access it through the events section on the main menu. The game features the legendary King Kong and Godzilla battle it out. Players will have to follow the carrier and participate in the exploration missions to find Godzilla. The mode will be available till 16th November 2021. Players can also earn various rewards by collecting Titan tokens.

BGMI Mega Modes coming soon

Infection mode

The Infection mode was first introduced to PUBG Mobile on 16th Oct 2020. As of now the Infection mode is unavailable, but if the older mode is any indication, players will be able to play as a zombie and take down humans. The mode usually has three rounds lasting approximately three minutes. Three players are turned into infected zombies at random and will have to take down other human players with melee attacks.

Survive Till Dawn

Survive Till Dawn is another upcoming BGMI Mega Mode which features surviving hordes of zombies with their teammates. During the day time, players will need to fight other players as well as passive zombies to collect supplies including weapons and ammo. As night falls, players will have to fight off aggressive zombie waves. As the match progresses, the zombies get stronger and the hordes get bigger.

Payload 2

The Payload 2 mode was first introduced to PUBG Mobile on 9th Oct 2020. This BGMI Mega Mode will most likely feature heavily armed versions of different vehicles where all four-wheelers are equipped with flamethrowers. Players can battle it out in these fully decked out vehicles once the game mode is released during the BGMI Mega Modes event.

Runic Power

The popular Runic Power mode is also making a comeback to BGMI. This fun mode gives players access to special runes which gives them specific powers/abilities. At the start of the match, players will be able to choose between three runes, namely Flame, Wind and Arctic on Spawn Island. Players will need to collect crystals around the map and to use these abilities. Each rune grants players two abilities. Check out what each of the runes does here:

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