BGMI: MortaL to Compete in Unofficial Tournaments if the Game is Unbanned; Krafton May Bring NFTs with PUBG: Battlegrounds

BGMI Pro and Content Creator MortaL Sheds Light on the Struggles Indian Teams Face in International Competitions

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India has been banned it has created a void in the daily lives of Indian players. Not only are they not able to play the game, but also, they aren’t able to watch their beloved players compete through the title. Popular BGMI player, MortaL has stated recently that he might compete in unofficial tournaments if the game is unbanned.

In a recent stream, MortaL was asked whether he and the original Team S8UL will be seen competing if the game makes a return. He replied stating that till the time it is scrims, it is fine, but if it is an official tournament, then the likes of Omega and other members will compete. He then said that there won’t be an issue competing in unofficial tournaments if the game does make a comeback.

In other news, it seems another developer will be introducing NFTs to their title. Recently, the number of NFT games have increased significantly, since the boom of crypto. Games such as Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Axie Infinity and more have gained immense popularity in that time. It has been understood that the next game that might introduce NFTs is none other than popular battle royale title; PUBG: Battlegrounds.

The information comes from a Twitter user, Player. In his latest tweet he has stated that PUBG: Battlegrounds will be integrating NFTs in 2023. Once introduced, the blockchain side of things will be handled by reward-based platform: Banger Games. At the moment it is in the Alpha testing phase with rewards for different game modes.

His tweet also stated that PUBG’s “abandoned hardcore Steam skin-trading community” has put the title in the best position to adopt NFTs in the game. As of now, this hasn’t been officially announced, so the players should consume this information with a grain of salt.


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