BGMI: Must Know Fast Landing Tips for Rank Push & Hotdrops

Landing quickly and accurately is crucial in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) to gain a competitive edge over your opponents. Whether you’re hot-dropping into high-traffic areas or making calculated jumps to reach far-off locations, mastering fast landing methods can significantly improve your gameplay. In this guide, we’ll cover essential tips and techniques for efficient landings to help you dominate the battlefield.

1. Landing between 750 to 1500 meters

When your desired landing spot is within a distance of 750 to 1500 meters from the flight path, follow these steps for a swift landing:

  1. Maintain Straight Flight: During the initial drop, fly straight and forward, keeping the camera fully up.

  2. Switch to a 45-Degree Angle: At a certain distance from your target location (let’s call this “X”), shift your joystick to a 45-degree angle to descend quickly. To calculate “X,” subtract your target distance from 1500. For example, if your target is 1000 meters away, X = 1500 – 1000 = 500 meters. Start gliding down at 45-degree angle from the 500-meter mark as you keep your camera facing towards the ground.

2. Flying Far (Maximum 3000 meters)

If you need to reach a location far away from the flight path, follow these steps for an extended glide:

  1. Wait for the Right Angle: Wait until your drop spot is at a 90-degree angle to the plane’s path and is approximately 3000 meters away.

  2. Jump and Glide: Jump out of the plane straight up and immediately open your parachute when the button appears. Start gliding towards your destination without touching the joystick, as this could increase your speed and result in an early landing.

3. Ensuring Accurate and Fast Landing

To land accurately and quickly, pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Zoom in the Minimap: Before marking your landing spot, zoom in on the minimap to ensure precise placement of your marker. A well-placed marker is crucial for a successful landing.

  2. Stable Phone and Camera Angle: While flying sideways, keep your phone stable and the camera angle fully down. This position allows you to maintain maximum speed (234 km/hour) during your flight.

  3. Avoid Using the I Button: Refrain from using the “I” button while flying or gliding, as it can decrease your speed and delay your landing.

  4. Communicate with Teammates: If you’re jumping with teammates, communicate with them to assess the surroundings and make a coordinated landing. When jumping in such situations, jump out of the plane 15 to 20 meters earlier than usual to reach your desired landing spot accurately.

4. Landing within 780 meters

For landing locations that are less than 780 meters away from the flight path, use the following technique:

  1. 45-Degree Angle Descent: Jump out of the plane at 780 meters from your target location and fly sideways with your joystick slightly tilted up to a 45-degree angle. This method ensures the fastest landing speed.

  2. Diagonal Plane Orientation: Keep your plane diagonally oriented on the screen during this descent and keep the camera angle fully down.

By mastering these fast landing methods, you’ll be able to reach your desired locations before your opponents and gain an advantage in competitive matches. Practice these techniques in different scenarios to improve your landing skills and elevate your BGMI gameplay to new heights. Good luck on the battlefield! In the meantime, you can check out more of our BGMI Guides from here.