BGMI Mythic Forge Guide: Everything You Need to know

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers its fans various rewards through events that are introduced in each update. The 2.8 update in BGMI has brought the Mythic Forge event where players can obtain some exciting rewards such as weapon and melee skins, character costumes and more.

Material Packs

BGMI Mythic Forge Guide detailed

The Mythic Forge event in BGMI is one of a kind as it offers various weapons, melee and helmet skins, character costumes, and more at a very low price. The rewards can be obtained by playing the Mythic Emblem draw and collecting the Mythic Emblems which can be used to redeem character costumes and weapon skins. 

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Invader set

Mythic Forge rewards:

  • Glacier Set.

  • Glacier Helmet.

  • Glacier – Pan.

  • Invader Set.

  • Invader Mask.

  • Mythic Emblem.

  • Scarlet Beast Helmet.

  • Sanguine – Kar98KLonewolf – QBU.

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Glacier set

What is a Mythic Emblem and How to obtain it?

Mythic Emblem is a type of currency which can be used to redeem rewards in the Mythic Forge event. Players can purchase Mythic Emblem Fragments and combine them into a Mythic Emblem. 30 Mythic Emblem Fragments can be combined to make one Mythic Emblem. The Fragments can be obtained from Royale Pass rewards, Mythic Forge draw perks and Mythic Forge draw rewards. 

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Lonewolf QBU

Players will have to play the Mythic Emblem draw to get their rewards. After each draw their progress will increase and once it reaches 40 players can get a Mythic Emblem. The first draw for each week will cost only 5 Unknown Cash (UC) after which it will cost 20 UC for a single draw and 200 UC for 10 draws. 

Once players have a certain amount of Emblems they can redeem multiple rewards. Players will require a certain amount of Emblems to redeem their favorite rewards:

  • Glacier Set – 9 Emblems.

  • Glacier Pan – 9 Emblems.

  • Invader Set – 10 Emblems.

  • Invader Mask – 5 Emblems.

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Sanguine Kar98

This event has provided players with a unique opportunity to own a Mythic outfit for 2000 UC. It is the cheapest when compared to other events in BGMI. While making draws players will have to keep an eye on how many fragments and Emblems they have got so it is easier to redeem rewards without spending too much UC.