BGMI New Update is set to release in first week of August

Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to release the 2.6 update in the game. Players can expect BGMI New Update in first half of August.

Battlegrounds Mobile India commonly known as BGMI, a popular battle royale game, is set to drop its highly anticipated update 2.6 in August 2023 with amazing features and a theme mode. As per leaks, PUBG Mobile events are quite likely to be included in the BGMI 2.6 version. Players will get a new Royale Pass, a themed mode, and many changes in weapons. Read on to learn more.

BGMI New Update: New Features 

  • Full Auto Mode attachment: using this attachment, burst guns like the M16A4 and MK47 will fire in Auto mode.
  • Companion Spectating: When you die in a match, you have the choice to transform into a companion and spectate the full match.
  • Knock-Out Door Control Ability: After being knocked out, you can open or close the doors of houses using this ability.
  • Day and Night Mode: using this setting, you can change the mode to Sunny, Dusk, and Night.
  • Vehicle Changes:

1. Mirado will be added to the Erangle and Sanhok with a convertible rooftop.

2. Monster Truck will be spawned in Erangle.

3. Open rooftop UAZ removed from Erangle map

  • Recall: A recall system will be added to Earngle-ranked matches.
  • Teammate Restrain: If your teammate knocks you out by mistake or intention, you can Restrain his movement in the ongoing match.

New Theme Mode

According to leaks, there is a high possibility that Dianoground Theme Mode will come to BGMI in update 2.6. The Dianoground theme mode is one of the most popular modes in PUBG Mobile.

BGMI update 2.6 will be launching in late July 2023; however, these features and modes are based on leaks and rumors and have not been officially confirmed by the developers. Please keep in mind that these details may be subject to change.

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