BGMI Nickname Generator: How to Find and Use Quirky BGMI ID Names in 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has taken over the mobile gaming community within the country by storm since its release in July last year. The developers are all set to celebrate the game’s first anniversary soon as part of the 1.9 Update, released just a few days ago.

With the game’s rising popularity and players wanting to make a virtual identity that stands out from the crowd, Krafton has given all the BGMI players an option to customize their BGMI ID. A few players come up with some really unique and stylish names that guarantee a lasting impact on other users who comes across it, leading to maybe getting added as a friend or receiving a compliment for the same. But coming up with something unique is not some thing that is everyone’s cup of tea.

For BGMI players to come up with quirky names for their BGMI ID, that suit their profile and personality, here is how you can find and use some really helpful nickname generators to come up with that perfect name.

BGMI: Here is how users can find and use unique names for their BGMI ID in 2022

While most BGMI nicknames are good, they are too straightforward and simple to catch someone’s eye. So players can implement the usage of certain symbols and special characters as part of their BGMI ID to stand out as unique while still being stylish.

In order to achieve this, there are a plethora of nickname generating websites dedicated to helping BGMI players find the perfect name for their BGMI ID, something that is a perfect blend of unique, cool, and stylish.

Most of these websites are really efficient at finding out new nicknames for the users and in case the user does not want to generate something new, there are plenty of suggested names that a user can choose from.

A few such websites that BGMI users can checkout are nickfinder, battlegroundsmobileguru, gamingnicknames, and several other similar websites.

After selecting the desired name for their BGMI ID, users can go ahead and implement the change by following the steps given below,

  • Once purchased, go to your inventory and then tap on the rename card option.

  • A box will pop up with an option to input a new username.

  • In the box provided write or copy-paste the desired username and then click ‘OK’.

  • That is it, you have successfully changed your BGMI username. This can be done any number of times, but every attempt would require a rename card worth 180 UC, and you will be only able to perform this action once a month.

This is how you can go ahead and change your BGMI ID, replacing your current nickname in case you find it too boring or ordinary. Instead use a new one that has some special designs and a different font, making it look more flamboyant, interesting, and unique.

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