BGMI Pro JONATHAN Temporarily Stuck in Dubai

BGMI Pro JONATHAN Temporarily Stuck in Dubai

Professional BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) player and one of the top gaming creators from India, Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral, has been held back in Dubai by the authorities as the 20-year-old has reportedly lost his Indian passport.

This information was shared by the player himself, yesterday on 9th January, via an Instagram story, stating that he has got in touch with the Indian Embassy and could return back in a matter of few days.

While there is no specific information available, JONATHAN might have travelled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in December 2022, having shared a few posts from his travels.

JONATHAN reportedly lost his passport in Dubai and is stuck there temporarily

In December last year, JONATHAN had uploaded a post and reel on his Instagram channel where he can be seen skydiving in Dubai, followed by another post just a couple of days back where he was still in the foreign country.

Now, information has come to light that JONATHAN is reportedly stuck in Dubai for some time as he seems to have lost his passport, the most important document when traveling abroad as it identifies a person as a citizen of a particular country and enables them to enter or leave a country.

As a result, he cannot return back to India and has reached out to the local Indian Embassy seeking a resolution to this problem at hand.

Ideally, in such a situation it is imperative to contact the nearest Indian embassy or consulate of the country and inform them about the loss or theft of the passport. Once this report has been registered the passport is no longer valid and cannot be used for international travel, a new application has to be filled and submitted to process another passport.

In his personal statement, JONATHAN said “I know you guys have been waiting for me to stream, trust me guys even I’m desperately waiting to come back (to) India and resume my streams. Unfortunately I lost my passport in Dubai, and without passport I can’t come back. I’m in touch with (the) Indian Embassy to come back. It’s just a matter of few more days.”

JONATHAN seems to have taken the right steps following the loss of his passport and must be in the process of procuring a new document. As soon as he gets hold of a new passport, the BGMI star shall be able to travel back to India.


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