BGMI Pro Player Spower left Team Blind? Check Update

According to reports, In a Shocking Departure, BGMI Pro Player and the potential future Superstar Spower left the team Blind Esports.

After the post-ban period of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Team Blind Esports emerged as an unbeatable team and won many third-party tournaments with Spower, including Villagers Esports DOMIN8R Series, Skyesports Champions Series, Upthrust Survival Saga Season 2, and Upthrust Challengers Showdown, as well as many events finishing in the top 5 positions.

Spower becomes MVP of the two major third-party events that Blind Esports won: the Upthrust Esports Challenger Series and the Skyesports Champions Series, and in many tournaments he performs extremely well.

The Departure of Spower from Team Blind

On July 15, 2023, Piyush Bhatla, also known as ‘Spero’, during an event asked the Blind Esports player Khush “Joker” Singh why Spower is not playing in the team. Answering the question, Joker says that “Spower is playing solo away from the team, which is the reason why the team is not getting up; that’s why we bench Spower and give him a break. 

The same day, Spower posted a story on Instagram, not looking so happy about the team’s decision to bench him, and according to reports, Spower has already left the team. and Spower’s decision to leave Blind Esports concluded on a positive note for both parties.

Where Spower is headed now

After all the leaks about Spower leaving the team blind, rumors are spreading in the industry that he may join his former team, Godlike Esports. and some more leaks suggest that Team Hydra, which is searching for players for their BGMI lineup, may get Spower onto the roster. Team Godlike has a very good relationship with Spower; he recently played for them, and whenever he gets a chance to play, he performs well, so looking at the current form of the team, Spower may give power to Team Godlike.

Spower has numerous possibilities for joining teams, as everyone knows what caliber player he is and what he can do in pressure situations. The addition of Spower ahead of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series Season 2 will be an impactful addition for sure.

However, these are only leaks; they are not official yet, but confirmation may come in between July 16 and July 17 about Spower leaving Blind Esports and joining other organizations. But if this turns out to be true, this may be a big departure, looking at the current form Blind and Spower are in.

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