BGMI Rank System: Understanding the Tiers and Key Factors in Rank Pushing

For passionate Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, the thrill of the game lies in the intense battles fought within the ranked maps. While the developers have introduced a myriad of game modes to cater to diverse player interests, the loyal BGMI community remains dedicated to the classic gameplay, tirelessly pushing their ranks to reign supreme on the leaderboards. However, understanding the intricacies of BGMI’s ranking system can be a daunting task for many, particularly when it comes to calculating ranked points and comprehending the tier system. Fear not, for this article will serve as your comprehensive guide, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate BGMI’s rank list with.

BGMI Rank List

Every BGMI player embarks on their ranked journey from the bottom Bronze 5 tier, progressively ascending the ladder with each hard-fought victory. Below are all the tiers with respect to their range.

How Ranked Season Tier reset functions in BGMI?

However, it’s crucial to note that rank tiers are reset at the commencement of each new season. The adjustment of ranks in the new season depends on the player’s performance in the previous season, with higher-ranking players facing greater deductions, allowing new talents to emerge and make their mark.

Tier Protection: Players also get one default tier protection before getting demoted to a lower rank. For example, if you just reached Diamond 5 and got eliminated early in the next game, for one time, BGMI will not deduct your points below the lowest range of the current tier. But if you happen to lose again, you will be pulled down to Platinum 5. Once you re-enter Diamond 5, another ranked protection will activate and it will save you once again for one time. So, players can use this in their favor by going for hot-drops whenever they reach a new rank, knowing they have tier protection.

Tier Protection Cards: There are also tier protection cards that players can obtain via Royale Pass and other sources. This grants players protection from negative impacts on their RP whenever they activate it from their inventory. However, these can only be activated for ranks Crown 5 or above.

Decoding Ranked Points in BGMI

Ranked points serve as the ultimate currency in your journey to the top. Understanding how these points are calculated is vital for strategizing and maximizing your progress. While the precise weightage assigned to each factor remains undisclosed, several key elements contribute to your overall points.

To summarize, in a game, engaging in a variety of activities and surviving longer increases your RP accumulation. This includes performing different actions like knocking enemies using various items such as throwables or vehicles. Stick with your team and do not play Solo to be in situations where you can perform various actions easily. Dropping on hot areas and surviving the firefights also grant slight RP. 

While a diverse range of activities can enhance your points, remember that survival and grabbing that chicken dinner should always remain your top priority. Dying early in the game comes with severe consequences, making it imperative to strike a balance between aggression and caution.

Actions to avoid while Rank Pushing BGMI

To maintain fairness and ensure a positive gaming environment, Krafton strictly prohibits offensive behavior and friendly fire. Intentionally harming or eliminating teammates can result in bans and deductions of ranked points. Completing games without going AFK or forfeiting also plays a role in the overall tally, so it’s essential to remain active throughout.

Keep in mind that success in the game requires a careful balance of skill, strategy, and survival. Play wisely, refine your abilities, and let your proficiency on the battleground propel you to the highest levels of BGMI’s competitive scene.