BGMI Relaunch: New Play Time Restrictions Revealed

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has made a highly anticipated comeback, offering players exciting changes and new features. With its official release on May 29th, the game brings forth significant updates, including permanent outfits, a fresh map, and captivating in-game events. However, one of the most noteworthy changes implemented by Krafton, the game’s publisher, revolves around playtime restrictions in accordance with the regulations established by the Indian government.

BGMI New Playtime Restrictions Revealed

To align with government mandates and encourage healthy gaming habits, Krafton has introduced playtime limits for BGMI players. 

As an additional measure, players below 18 are required to provide their guardian or parent’s mobile number during their initial login. To further promote responsible behavior, the game incorporates a daily spending limit, ensuring players exercise prudence when making in-game purchases.

New Map Nusa and other changes to existing maps

A prominent addition is the inclusion of a new map called Nusa, which is the smallest map available in-game, measuring 1×1. This map offers fast-paced matches with shorter durations, often lasting only 8 minutes.

Moreover, the update brings several improvements to existing maps. The Livik map now boasts a visually enhanced waterfall, featuring improved textures and effects that seamlessly blend with the environment. Additionally, the Neostead2000 shotgun is now available on Livik. Supply Shops have been added to Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar maps, enhancing gameplay dynamics. Miramar also sees the inclusion of Monster Trucks, providing a unique and exhilarating experience.

Gameplay and Weapon Changes

The update also introduces the Tactical Crossbow, expanding the weapon arsenal. With fire arrows, players can now restore ziplines and set certain houses ablaze. Additionally, an off-road ATV serves as a new two-seater vehicle option. The update further enhances gameplay with unique attractions such as zorb balls, a swimming pool, combustible buildings, and destructible jars.

The 2.5 Update also introduces the Super Recall feature, allowing players to recall fallen teammates within a specific timeframe. Upon recall, the player receives a random weapon previously carried by the surviving teammate. In solo mode, players are automatically recalled, providing added convenience.

Furthermore, improvements have been made to the throwing process of throwable items, and glass windows are no longer shattered by thrown objects.

New in-game events

A new set of in-game events and in-game events is set to be released.

Players can also enjoy a wide range of premium skins, such as the New X-Suit: Stygian Liege X-Suit, Moondrop Eterna, and Spectral Swan covers. These skins enhance the game’s visual aesthetics and allow players to add personalization to their in-game characters.

In addition to these exciting features and events, players can indulge in a wide range of premium skins. Notable additions include the New X-Suit: Stygian Liege X-Suit, Moondrop Eterna, and Spectral Swan covers. These skins not only enhance the game’s visual aesthetics but also allow players to personalize their in-game characters according to their preferences.