BGMI Three-Finger Claw Controls: Codes and Sensitivity

The “3-finger claw” is a popular control scheme used by players in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) to enhance their gameplay. It involves using three fingers to control various actions on the screen simultaneously. This control method is primarily used for better maneuverability and quicker reaction times during intense gameplay. Many professional esports players use three finger claw setup in BGMI esports as well. 

Best BGMI Three-Finger Claw Codes

In the 3-finger claw setup, players typically use their thumbs for movement controls, such as running, crouching, and jumping. Meanwhile, the index finger and middle finger are used for aiming, shooting, and other essential actions. The ring finger is usually left resting on the device, providing stability and support.

Players who adopt the 3-finger claw technique often appreciate the increased control and responsiveness it offers. It enables them to simultaneously move, aim, shoot, and perform other actions more effectively, giving them an advantage in intense battles and increasing their overall gameplay efficiency.

  • 7120-0859-4341-6018-681

  • 7120-0801-6667-8713-877

  • 7120-0646-5733-1606-712

Along with control setup, another important aspect is sensitivity. Sensitivity settings can be customized for various scopes and camera angles, allowing gamers to fine-tune their aim and recoil control. This can be a major advantage in competitive play, as it can help players to target enemies more accurately and control recoil more effectively. Here are a few Sensitivity Codes that players can use

  • 7238-4309-3482-0716-705

  • 7238-4167-9128-3695-709

  • 7008-3808-9247-2149-869

However, it’s important to note that the 3-finger claw grip requires practice and adaptation to become proficient. It may take some time to become comfortable and develop muscle memory for the various finger movements and actions. Customizing button layouts and sensitivity settings can also be crucial for optimizing the gameplay experience with this control scheme.

It is advisable for players to experiment with different control layouts and sensitivity settings in training grounds or playgrounds to find the configuration that best suits their playstyle. Practice and effort are essential in mastering the control and sensitivity aspects of BGMI’s 3-finger claw technique, ultimately leading to improved gameplay performance.