BGMI Update 1.9 – Complete Patch Notes and New Features Revealed by Krafton

Krafton has officially announced that the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Update 1.9 is all set to go live sometime in March but the exact date has not yet been revealed so far. To hype up the arrival of the new update, Krafton has gone ahead and revealed complete patch notes detailing all the upcoming features, cosmetics, rewards, and more.

The test servers of BGMI Update 1.9 had been deployed sometime back, allowing a select few users to find out various bugs and glitches in the new features being added to the game.

Here is everything that Krafton has officially revealed about the new features being added to BGMI along with the upcoming March update.

Krafton officially reveals the complete patch notes of BGMI Update 1.9

BGMI was released in July 2021 and just eight months down the line it has managed to become one of the top mobile titles within the country. With its inaugural competitive circuit coming to an end in January this year, the game had also introduced the BGMI Update 1.8 for all users.

Now two months later, Krafton has announced plans of releasing the BGMI Update 1.9 by releasing complete details about the patch notes and upcoming features. Here is a quick look at some of the major features that are coming to the game,

All Indian players installing the BGMI Update 1.9 will be receiving this new set. However, it will only be a week long trial set after which the set will expire.

This is a new feature that has been introduced to certain themed BGMI maps like Erangel and Livik. In total there will be two Sky Islands both having their own unique terrain features, players will be able to land upon them before dropping down to the main map.

One of the Sky Islands has a pyramid which has been inspired from Egyptian culture, while the other has a winter-themed ice castle. They both are throwbacks to Rising Temple and Winter Castle, which were immensely popular when they had initially arrived to the game.

Celebrating the festival of colours, Krafton has launched the Holi Dhamaka Mode which is also known as the Vibrant Anniversary Mode in PUBG Mobile. All players can opt to play this themed game mode by clicking on the arrow button available for maps Erangel and Livik, under the ‘Ranked’ tab.

Krafton has introduced Rainbow Plaza and Camp on the BGMI map Erangel. These two locations will contain new terrain along with new interactable entities which will help players get loot once interacted with.

These areas will also help players equip a bicycle using to travel quickly over long distances. However, players would need to be careful as they will not be able to equip weapons while riding it, making them easy targets.

These are structures that have been added to the BGMI map Erangel and upon activating these buildings players will be able to scan the locations of nearby vehicles.

The iconic Sosnovka Bridge on Erangel has also undergone several changes to keep pace with the changing nature of the game. Players will be able to experience the new Sosnovka Bridge in the BGMI Update 1.9 with newly added detours and other changes soon.

BGMI’s playground popularly known as Cheer Park has undergone a solid revamp as the practice area has grown wider and mobility platforms are placed everywhere to help players move around quickly.

Apart from this, a shooting range and a racing track has been added to the playground, both of them featuring tons of adjustments to further increase the player experience.

Apart from the major upcoming features listed above, a few other changes that Krafton will be rolling out along with BGMI Update 1.9 are as follows,

  • Random matchmaking added – Ranked and Unranked

  • Audio quality improved

  • Livik: Aftermath map improved

  • Indoor building structures simplified

  • Urban zones modded

  • Zipline animation improved

  • AC core is attached by default on looted firearm.

The currently ongoing BGMI Update 1.8 was released earlier this year on 12th January. As per available data and past trends, every major game update arrives after an interval of about eight weeks. So based on this data, the expected release date of BGMI Update 1.9 is 18th or 19th March at around 05:30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

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