BGMI vs Free Fire: What are the Major Differences?

For many mobile battle royale players, BGMI vs Free Fire amounts to comparing Coke and Pepsi, with both games defended by passionate fans. Each game has unique features despite being part of the same genre of battle royale. We can compare BGMI vs Free Fire and look at gameplay, related features, graphics, and system requirements to detail the differences between them. While Indian fans cannot access Free Fire, they can still play Free Fire MAX in the country. Let’s look at the major differences between BGMI vs Free Fire. 

BGMI vs Free Fire major differences


BGMI is a lot more grounded in realism, despite the occasional events like Pharaoh Rising and Runic Power, which add a mythical vibe to the game temporarily. BGMI characters are pretty cookie-cutter characters whose look you can enhance with cosmetics. 

Free Fire characters have special abilities which let you give you and your team buffs or the enemy debuffs. For example, Kelly’s special ability lets you move faster while Alok deploys an AOE healing aura. This adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay. Players can grind for characters in Free Fire or unlock them through diamonds. 

Gunplay wise both games have a standard variety of weapon types like assault rifles, snipers, SMGs and more. However, Free Fire does have certain off-beat weapons like the Shield Gun and Treatment Laser Gun.  

When it comes to the battle royale aspect, BGMI lobbies consist of 100 players while Free Fire MAX starts off with 50 players but you can have up to 60 in custom games. BGMI’s map size is also larger and due to a larger number of players, the matches last longer. There are three main maps in Free Fire are Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. On average, BGMI’s maps are bigger than those in Free Fire, probably due to the match population being higher. 

Graphics and Requirements

As mentioned before, BGMI has a more realistic feel to it compared to Free Fire. Free Fire has an anime and cartoon-inspired style, characters, and pets. While BGMI’s cosmetics take inspiration from anime, fantasy, and more, the characters still look realistic. Comparing BGMI and Free Fire, the graphic requirements are as follows:

Comparing BGMI vs Free Fire we see, BGMI requires more space on your phone than Free Fire MAX but the RAM requirements for both games are similar.

Overall, both games have their own vibrant fanbases, and while some prefer the minimalist realism of BGMI, others prefer the quirky personalities and color of Free Fire.