BGMI Website Updated With New Content as S8UL Aman Claims Scheduled Server Shutdown; Dead by Daylight Coming to PUBG: New State Soon


GemWire has noticed a new development on BGMI’s website and many players have been wondering what it is about. Tutorial videos on the website have been updated to feature guides for certain features of the game, they have also been added to the game. These tutorials have been published for the following four categories:

  • Guide for Adding, Deleting and Blocking Friends
  • Guide for Deleting Account
  • Guide for Unlinking Account
  • Guide for User Reporting

Many players are wondering whether this means that BGMI is planning to make comeback, we do not for sure, but currently BGMI remains banned in India and according to the latest statements made by S8UL Aman, it will remain banned for the foreseeable future. As per a report by AFKGaming, S8UL Aman feels that the game will not be present in the future and its servers might be shutdown in the coming weeks.

During one of his recent streams, one of his fans asked why he does not play BGMI anymore with the other S8UL members. He replied stating that there is no point in him playing the title as it is banned in the country and there is no future for it. He added that if he only wanted to gain viewership, he would’ve continued to play the title, but that’s not his endgame. Currently, he is satisfied by playing titles such as Among Us and Valorant.

In other news, the latest collaboration for PUBG: New State is the fan favourite horror title, Dead by Daylight. Through the collaboration, players will be able to get their hands on a brand new upgradeable weapons, along with a new set of cosmetics to try out. Players will also be graced with story missions that they can complete to procure some exclusive rewards. The collaboration was introduced to the game with the October 2022 update.

Lastly, PUBG Mobile has just introduced their latest in-game graffiti. The graffiti consists of a pug that has been dubbed as ‘PUG B’. Players should head on over and get the graffiti to show everyone that they are ‘Straight Puggin’ as it will only be available in-game for a limited time.

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