BGMI x Dragon Ball Crates: Chances and Costs for Getting Goku and Vegeta Mythic Character Skins

The excitement among Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Dragon Ball fans reached new heights as the much-anticipated collaboration introduced themed crates to the game. Among the enticing rewards, the spotlight shines on Mythic Character Skins of Goku and Vegeta, beloved icons from the Dragon Ball universe. However, with enticing prizes come the odds and costs that players need to weigh before diving into the pursuit of these highly sought-after items.

Dragon Ball Super Discovery Event: Crate A vs. Crate B

As part of the BGMI x Dragon Ball collaboration, two distinct crates have been introduced – Crate A and Crate B. While both crates promise impressive rewards, Crate A takes the center stage due to its collection of skins featuring some of the most popular characters from the Dragon Ball franchise.

The Mythic Rewards within Crate A include:

On the other hand, Crate B, while yet to be fully revealed, has stirred excitement with leaks suggesting that it will contain mythic character skins of Gohan and Piccolo. As per the description, Crate B will be made available in 27 days from the date of reporting.

The Odds of Acquiring Mythic Goku or Vegeta Character Skins

The quest for these mythical character skins requires a clear understanding of the odds players are up against. Here are the probabilities for each type of item within the crates:

  • Mythic Item – 0.64%

  • Legendary Item – 3.50%

  • Epic Item – 57.00%

  • Rare Item – 38.86%

It’s evident from these odds that the Mythic Character Skins are indeed a rare find, with only a 0.64% chance of obtaining them in a spin.

Calculating the Cost: A Gamble on Mythic Skins

The allure of these Mythic Character Skins comes at a price, both in terms of in-game currency and real-world expenses. In BGMI, one spin of the crate costs 60 UC, while players can opt for 10 spins at a discounted rate of 540 UC.

Considering the odds, players should be prepared for the potential investment required to secure these coveted skins. As the Mythic Item drop rate is a mere 0.64%, players may need to perform numerous spins to increase their chances. This could mean investing a substantial amount of UC.

For players seriously aiming to obtain all the Mythic Skins from Crate A, the anticipated costs can range from 30,000 UC to a staggering 100,000 UC. This broad range is a result of the inherently unpredictable nature of random draws and the rarity of Mythic Items.

Free Skins from the Dragon Ball Super Discovery Event

The Dragon Ball discovery event will be around till the end of the season, 11th October. Players have ample of time to gather their resources for the investment. As for free items from this event, players can grab the Red Ribbon Army – SKS by collecting the Dragon Ball Exclusive Crate Coupon.