BGMS Season 2 League Week Day 1 Recap: Overall Standings and Match Summary

League Week 1 Day 1 in Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 saw the rise of new teams. Chemin Esports and OneBlade dominated the first day. A lot of experienced teams like OR Esports and Team Soul failed to show their presence on Day 1. 

The top Spot was grabbed by Chemin Esports with 52 total points, as the team held one impressive chicken dinner with 31 total placement points. OneBlade was struggling in the launch week but managed to place in the second spot with 37 points and a chicken dinner. Team Insane continued its momentum from the launch week placing  third with 33 total points. Gladiator Esports secured the fourth spot with 22 points and Blind Esports placed fifth with 21 points and a chicken dinner.

Team Soul and OR Esports dominated the Launch Week but this time around their performance on the first day was average.

BGMS Season 2 League Week 1 Day 1 Match Summary

Day 1 was interesting to watch as teams like OneBlade and Chemin Esports, who had average runs in the launch week, dominated on the first day of the League Week. 

Match 1: Group A vs Group B, Map – Erangel

Erangel posed a challenge for the teams as the zone was formed near the Military Island bridge. Chemin Esports displayed great teamwork and was able to secure the chicken dinner with 24 points. Team Insane put up a great fight and was able to accumulate 25 points. Team Godlike also played brilliantly and grabbed 15 points. 

Match 2: Group A vs Group B, Map – Miramar

OneBlade was able to secure the chicken dinner in the second match with 4 finish points. Avinash “Avi” Chari and Vivek “Cluchgod” Horo from Numen Gaming helped the team accumulate 17 points. Team Soul and Enigma Gaming added nine points each to their name. 

Match 3: Group B vs Group C, Map – Sanhok

Blind Esports, playing the first game of the day, was able to secure the chicken dinner and 21 total points. Chemin Esports and Gods Reign also dominated this match and grabbed 17 and 18 points each. Team 8Bit after looking good in the initial stages secured 14 points.

Here is the overall standing after Day 1

While the new teams like Chemin Esports and OneBlade impressed everyone on the first day, teams like OR Esports, Team Soul, Team 8Bit and Velocity Gaming failed in that regard. 

Blind Esports had a decent run in the launch week and this time managed to clinch 21 points in the single game it played. Spy Esports couldn’t put up much of a performance in the launch week and failed to do so on the first day of the league week as well. 

Fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite teams perform and dominate the League Week. Day 2 will be interesting to see as the teams will be looking to carry their momentum and assert dominance.