Big Breaking! Cabin Crew Criticizes Kiara Advani's Behavior Towards Flight Attendants And Exposes Her


A cabin crew member has publicly criticized Bollywood star Kiara Advani for her entitled behavior towards flight attendants, with additional accounts from netizens corroborating these claims.

Kiara Advani’s Conduct on Flight

Kiara Advani, celebrated for her radiant smile and exceptional performances, often appears as a darling of the public. Her romance with Sidharth Malhotra only enhances her appeal. However, recent revelations have cast a shadow on her seemingly perfect image.

In an interview with a YouTube channel, a cabin crew member recounted a less flattering experience with Kiara, describing her as having “a lot of attitude.” According to the crew member, when offered cashews and almonds, Kiara rudely declined and demanded they call her assistant to provide her with the snacks.

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The same crew member contrasted Kiara’s behavior with that of other celebrities. Janhvi Kapoor was described as very sweet, even when woken up mid-flight, and Ananya Panday was noted for being humorous and pleasant.

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Netizen’s Experience with Kiara at a Café

Following the interview, a netizen shared her own encounter with Kiara Advani in a café. She described an incident where Kiara’s lip balm fell near her, but instead of picking it up, Kiara’s assistant retrieved and disinfected it in front of her.

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Public Reaction

The video and accompanying comments sparked a mixed reaction on social media. While some users were shocked by the allegations, calling Kiara “Not so Pyara Advani,” others defended the actress, sharing their own positive experiences with her. One aspiring actor even mentioned that Kiara had been sweet and genuine in his interactions with her.

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