Big Breaking! Kusha Kapila Breaks Silence On Samay Raina's Roast And Her Divorce:


Kusha Kapila recently addressed Samay Raina’s viral roast, which took aim at her and her divorce from Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. Kapila, known for her role in “Ishq Vishk Rebound,” shared her thoughts during an Instagram AMA session.

For context, Samay and Kusha participated in the “Pretty Good Roast Show S1,” where comedians roast each other. In one episode, Samay’s remarks about Kusha’s marriage, divorce, and personal life drew significant attention, with some comments censored by the show.

While Kusha handled the roast sportingly, she revealed that she has since blocked phrases like ‘Samay Raina,’ ‘Aashish Solanki,’ and ‘dark humor.’

She mentioned that she has not fully processed her divorce yet and might discuss it more openly in the future, possibly on a podcast or perhaps never. She emphasized that her profile remains a safe space for her female and queer followers.

Reflecting on her experience, Kusha stated,

“Not my first time on the rodeo. In the large scheme of things, nothing matters. Probably when I have processed all of it, will speak about it on a level-headed podcast (lol do we have any) or maybe never. We will see.”

Kusha has not taken the roast too well.
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Kusha and Zorawar married in 2017 and separated in 2023, announcing their split through a joint statement.

They expressed that they had done everything they could for their relationship, but it ultimately couldn’t continue. They acknowledged the heartbreak of the breakup and the need for healing time.

Later, Kusha revealed she was pressured into publicly announcing her divorce, a decision she ultimately made on her own terms to maintain control over her personal narrative. Speaking at the India Today Conclave last year, she said,

“I was honestly bullied into sharing my personal news. This is the first time I’m sharing that. I was 100% bullied into sharing it. But I’m glad I shared it on my own terms. I did not want anyone else sharing information about my life with the world, without consulting with me first. You have to put on blinders.4o