Bigetron Esports Welcomes Ryzen Back to Its PUBG Mobile Roster

Bigetron Esports Welcomes Ryzen Back to Its PUBG Mobile Roster

One of the fan-favorite veterans from Bigetron Red Aliens, Muhammad “Ryzen” Albi (also known as the Super Mangosteen) returned to the PUBG Mobile scene at another run for glory. The pro player took a brief hiatus back in 2022, back when the team was having a rough journey in various tournaments. The announcement was made shortly after the . Aside from Ryzen, Bigetron Esports also revealed two more players who shall be competing under its PUBG Mobile squad. The esports organization is yet to reveal the other two members who would complete its roster for upcoming tournaments.

The Super Mangosteen of Bigetron Red Aliens returns to the PUBG Mobile esports scene

The release of its two iconic talents Zuxxy and Luxxy was a heartbreaking moment for fans as the twins played under the squad for a long time. However, as the Tachibana Twins depart, a veteran player makes a major comeback under Bigetron Red Aliens.

Bigetron Esports teased its fans with its PUBG Mobile roster featuring the return of the iconic pro player.

The teaser only revealed three players Leander “LiQuiD” Deusfiel, Dhiya Ulhaq “uHigh” Mohd Arasz, and Ryzen. The other two players shall be revealed at a later date as Bigetron Red Aliens makes preparations for the PUBG Mobile esports scene for 2023.

Ryzen contributed to most of Bigetron Esports’ achievements in the mobile Battle Royale title like PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) – Fall Split Global Finals, the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) – Indonesia Season 1, PUBG Mobile World League (PWL) 2020: East, and many more. 

Following Bigetron Red Aliens’ fall from grace in 2021 and 2022, Ryzen decided to take an indefinite hiatus, as announced by the esports organization’s official YouTube channel.

With Ryzen’s return to Bigetron Red Aliens, it will be interesting to see if the squad will be able to rise once again and become one of the top-tier PUBG Mobile teams in upcoming tournaments.


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