BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide


BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge is one of the most unique and engaging games that engage people well. Players struggle to come up with tricks to complete the challenge. But, it’s a challenge. You can’t win unless you have a specific tactic before starting. It’s essential to know the basic details.

For instance . know what they are the task. When should you proceed further? And what else you can do to make it work? All these things should be clear before we begin to start the game. This article will provide you with a BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge guide.

You will have all the knowledge about the game. Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Task List

BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge has 4-5 challenges that players have to finish to win the challenge. Each task has specific guidelines. Below  we mentioned the job along with the rules you can’t break :

  • Be born a female in Connecticut
  • Perform every activity with your mother
  • Study Journalism
  • Cheat with an Ex
  • Get pregnant by an ex

These are the five tasks that are necessary to fill the position. None of them can be skipped. Therefore, be prepared to go through the struggles and difficulties you will face while completing these tasks.

How to complete the task?

Born as a female in Connecticut

To complete this task, you must create the character and choose its gender, country, and birthplace.

As the task says, you need to be female, and your birthplace schedule is Connecticut. Select female as a gender. And the country is the United States and the birthplace of Hartford. Select all the options correctly to finish the task.  You may face some difficulties, but the best option is to try until you get the results.

Perform all day-to-day activities with your Mother

Game list the nine activities that need to be completed to proceed further. Where to find these tasks?

You will find the “ Relationship Tab” tab and select your Mother. You will find the list of all nine activities. Complete all the activities carefully with flying colors.

Study Journalism

To enter Journalism School, you need to have a High – smart stat. To complete the task, you have to maintain scores in high schools. Apply for a master’s once high school is finished.

Remember, you have to complete the journalism to finish the task. Don’t drop out. Always try to maintain the scores and complete the college.

Cheat with EX

Firstly, date guys use dating apps or date in high school. You can do this task simultaneously during your high school or college years. Find the ex and then have a boyfriend.

Now, hook up with anyone you want. To do the task, go to Relationship, choose the person, and then the hook-up option. Initially, you may find the task challenging but don’t give up easily.

Get Pregnant by an EX:

To complete the task, you must seduce the ex. The best method to entice is to do a booty call. Go to Relationships, then Exes, and after that Call option. Here, you will find the Booty call option.

Make sure you end the call with the one-night stand plan. Choose the location and plan everything perfectly. Chances are you will get pregnant, but if you are not, you have to repeat the whole process.

Each task comes with a challenge. You must overcome the challenge and continue until all your assignments are completed. We will discuss all the possible difficulties in the next section. Please read below to know all the challenges and methods to overcome them. Let’s find out!

What are the difficulties you will face?

First, taking birth g in Connecticut is difficult. Players try multiple attempts to get the exact place. Another challenge is to have above-average personality traits and looks. Having a good personality will solve almost all the challenges coming your way.

There are a total of nine tasks that need to be completed with the mother. Spending should be your priority as a kid. You will have to work and manage your finances in the coming years. To maintain all the things properly. Plan and decide when you will complete which task.

The last two tasks are the real struggle. You have to seduce multiple exes, and then you will age more every time. Therefore, you need to be very specific about whom to call. You are most likely to accept your offer.

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Even when you are trying to get pregnant, it struggles. Having multiple exes will reduce stress. Try whatever you prefer. Keep in mind each date will age you a little bit more. Do not hurry the process. Take time and convince your exes to a date.

Completing every task while keeping track of all activities is difficult. Please focus on the job and meet them one by one. You will finish the entire challenge in bits.


As you see, we mentioned all the task lists and the upcoming challenges. BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge is difficult. Not everyone can complete all the tasks quickly. You may need 2-3 attempts. Don’t lose hope.

A simple strategy is to list all the tasks and tick each task once it’s done. Tracking will help you discover all the areas that need work. Before starting the ga,e plan when you will schedule the task, Which age is suitable for a particular job. Start with planning and make changes according to your needs.