Blacklist International Is in Its Experimentation Stage, Says Coach MTB

The first day of the regular season saw Blacklist International losing against the reigning champion ECHO. Despite losing its first match of the season, Blacklist International remains hopeful about recovering from its early slump before the regular season ends. Through a post-match press conference, Blacklist International’s roamer Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcase shared his excitement to finally be able to play as part of the team’s main lineup. However, he later clarified that the team does not have a main five as everyone will have their chance at playing in future matches in the MPL PH Season 12.

Blacklist International is experimenting with different lineups in the regular season

Blacklist International had a disappointing opening day in the MPL PH Season 12 regular season. However, according to Aniel “Master the Basics” Jiandani (also known as coach MTB), the team’s coach, this is just a minor setback while the team is experimenting with different lineups.

“For now, I think we’re still in the experiment stage. It’s the same as Season 11 where we just keep trying and trying for the first few weeks, the first half of the season,” explained coach MTB. “For now, we need to try different angles of teams before we can find the best (lineup).”

Renejay is happy to play in the main lineup of Blacklist International

While considered as one of the most iconic pro players in the Philippines, RENEJAY has seen little appearance in recent Mobile Legends tournaments. It was not until the MPL PH Season 12 that fans finally saw the pro player back on the big stage. Despite losing against ECHO on the first day of the regular season, RENEJAY expressed how he is happy to finally be able to return to the MPL stage as part of a main lineup.

“I’m happy because it’s been a long time since I played as part of a main five lineup,” he said.

He further elaborated that there will be no main five in the team as the goal of Blacklist International this season is to let every member play to build chemistry.

“There is no main five in our team because everyone gets to play soon,” he said.

Blacklist International will be back in action on the second day of Week 1 against RSG PH on 9th September at 5:00 PM (PHT). It will be interesting to see if the Codebreakers will go with the same lineup but a different tactic or will fans see the other members take the stage against the renowned Kingslayers.