Blacklist International Ultimate Take COD Mobile Garena Masters 2022 Championship Title

Blacklist International Ultimate acquired its first major championship title of the year in the Call of Duty (COD): Mobile Garena Masters 2022. The grand finals of the Southeast Asian (SEA) COD Mobile tournament saw the Philippines team, Blacklist International Ultimate deliver a 3-0 sweep to the Singaporean squad ALMIGHTY. On top of securing the championship title, Blacklist International Ultimate never dropped a single series and proceeded to finish with a flawless run in the COD Mobile Garena Masters 2022. Blacklist and ALMIGHTY have been rivals since the previously concluded COD Mobile World Championship 2021 – East Finals.

Blacklist Ultimate tops the COD Mobile Garena Masters 2022

The grand finale of the esports event saw a fated rematch between the two rivals – Blacklist International Ultimate and ALMIGHTY. The scintillating match finished with a 3-0 victory for Blacklist, cementing itself as the king of COD Mobile SEA esports.

The grand finals were set to be played in a BO5 series featuring five maps and three game modes. However, the series only made it to the third game as Blacklist cruised through the grand finals, winning 150-64 in Hardpoint mode on Firing Range, 6-3 in Search and Destroy mode on Raid, and 150-133 in Domination mode on Standoff.

The prodigy – Gian Zydric “Yato” Socao showed his tactical prowess throughout the tournament. The pro player even earned the title of match MVP due to his performance in the grand finals.

Blacklist International cruised through the COD Mobile Garena Masters 2022 without dropping a single series from the group stage to the grand finals. With a smooth run through the tournament, the team went home with $10,000 USD and the championship title.

The Singaporean team, ALMIGHTY settled for the runner-up finish and went home with $4,000 USD in prize money.

This victory by Blacklist Ultimate is its fourth tournament win in its esports journey so far. However, the Filipino team is yet to clutch a world championship title. With the return of the , Blacklist Ultimate may have its chance at taking the world series title.

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