Blacklist International’s OhMyV33NUS Crowned as MVP of MPL PH S10 Regular Season


Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna, the support specialist for Blacklist International, has been crowned the regular season MVP (Most Valuable Player).  The legendary “Queen” is also one of the major figures guiding the codebreakers on their quest to reclaim their throne in this season. OhMyV33NUS accomplished a remarkable achievement, demonstrating her value as the regular season MVP with a significant assist count and kill participation rate. Blacklist International’s queen is still fighting, though, as the team is close to winning the MPL PH Season 10 championship title and securing a spot in the upcoming M4 World Championship.

OhMyV33NUS takes the regular season MVP title for MPL PH Season 10

A lot of fans and have shared their admiration for Blacklist International’s Royal Queen OhMyV33NUS to the point the term “#MV33P” has been coined to show their appreciation for her.

Through a Facebook post on 12th October, the official MPL PH page crowned Blacklist International’s support specialist as the regular season MVP.

“Aside from Ohmyv33nus’ impressive assists per game, The Queen contributed to Blacklist International beyond the stat sheet,” captioned MPL PH.

OhMyV33NUS topped the list of leading players in terms of assists with a total of 327 total assists or 9.62 assists per game played. Over the course of Blacklist International’s involvement in the MPL PH Season 10 Regular Season, The Queen also achieved a staggering 80% kill participation percentage. Her legendary Estes, Diggie, and Lolita were among her go-to choices for this season.

As the top contender for the MPL PH Season 10 championship title, Blacklist International is looking to keep its momentum going in the playoffs to reclaim its throne in the local scene. Reaching the grand finals will also earn the codebreakers a chance to defend their  title in the upcoming M4 World Championship.

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