Blind Esports Announces BGMI Roster Featuring Former Global Esports Players

Blind Esports Announces BGMI Roster Featuring Former Global Esports Players

After a lot of anticipation, Blind Esports has finally announced its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster. The roster includes six players – four former players of Global Esports and two young star players. Moving forward, this new roster will play under the banner of Blind Esports in all the upcoming tournaments. However, the game is still suspended in the country, and the organization acquired the roster amid the uncertainty of the game’s return.

Blind Esports’ BGMI roster

Blind Esports’ BGMI roster includes the following six players:

  • Khush “Joker” Singh

  • Nakul “NakuL” Sharma

  • Mohammad “Manya” Raja

  • Manpreet “Rony” Singh

  • Rudra “SPower” B

  • Aravind “SpyOp” Menon

which consisted of five players. The announcement came as a shock to fans as the organization boasted one of the best rosters in the game. Unfortunately, it did not reveal the exact reason for the departure of its player. 

Four of Blind Esports’ BGMI players, namely Joker, NakuL, Manya, and Rony, were part of Global Esports’ playing-four roster prior to joining Blind Esports. Although the team had a rough start for a month, finishing in 13th position in the 7Sea Invitational and the Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational, it quickly gained momentum, winning THUG Invitational: Season 5 and The Esports Club – BGMI Invitational Season 4. Additionally, the team displayed exceptional performance in the BGMI Pro Series, securing the third position. However, it was in the BGMI Masters Series where the team put on a commendable performance and emerged as the winners of the tournament.

Along with these four players, the organization has also signed two 16-year-old prodigies – SPower and SpyOp. 

SPower is one of the youngest professional BGMI esports players and content creators. Although he has faced age-related restrictions that prevent him from participating in official tournaments, he has nevertheless established a notable reputation within the community for his exceptional performance in numerous unofficial tournaments. Like SPower, SpyOp also could not play in official tournaments due to age restrictions. However, this young player has also made a name for himself in the BGMI community.

With the inclusion of four experienced players and two prodigies, Blind Esports will aim to win the upcoming BGMI tournaments. However, the game is still unavailable in the country. Despite rumors suggesting that the return of the game is imminent, there is no official announcement from the game’s developer Krafton.


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