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Blizzard teases Overwatch 2 tank changes as new hero release draws near – Flizzyy


Published: 2022-10-28T20:58:52

Updated: 2022-10-28T20:59:04

Overwatch 2’s Lead Hero Designer is hinting at some possible tank changes to compete with the next character set to release when Season 2 begins.

The world could always use more heroes and Season 2 of Overwatch 2 will add a brand new tank to the mix to lead the charge in the game’s 5v5 format.

Season 2 is still a bit over a month away, but there’s a lot to get excited about with new some big balance changes planned in addition to a new map and Battle Pass.

In a recent Q&A on Twitter, Alec Dawson, OW2’s new Lead Hero Designer dropped some hints as to what fans can expect in the next major patch and how they’re planning around the new hero.

Overwatch 2 dev hints at tank changes amid new hero release

In a series of posts, Dawson explained that they’re planning some buffs to Doomfist’s Rocket Punch in Season 2 by trying “enable more empowered punches.”

Doomfist isn’t the only hero being looked at, however as both Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball could be getting some nice buffs too.

“Actively looking at Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball. Queen buffs would look at her self-efficiency vs. providing sustain for whole team,” he explained. “Ball is a bit trickier, knife’s edge for balance.”

The buffs to Junker Queen and Doomfist will come a bit after scheduled nerfs to the likes of Zarya and D.Va who have been dominating the meta thus far.

New Overwatch 2 tank teased

Dawson went on to discuss the planning for the upcoming tank, rumored to be Mauga, noting how they try to “establish what archetype they fit into for game needs.”

“Goal here is to have more diversity for different Tank playstyles and finding new spaces for the role in general,” he said.

As such, it would seem like the new hero could be bringing something completely new to the table gameplay-wise, but it’s not clear exactly what that will be just yet.

Game Director Aaron Keller had previously let it slip that the new hero was a man and is someone who Overwatch fans have already seen in the lore. To follow this up, a notable leaker claimed that Mauga, a character from Baptiste’s past, would be the new hero.

Expect the new hero to be revealed at some point in the weeks ahead before Season 2’s launch and if he ends up being anything like Junker Queen, expect some extremely fun mechanics to be part of his kit.

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