BMOC 2022 BGMI Esports Tournament: Check How To Register

BGMI esports enthusiasts are in for a busy year of tournaments. Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton announced an esports roadmap for the battle royale with each event involving a multi-crore prize pool. The first tournament of the year BMOC 2022 will kick off in just a few weeks. Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge 2022 is an invitation for aspiring BGMI teams in the country to prove their skills against each other and then against a selection of invited teams in BMPS Season 1. Registrations for BMOC 2022 were due to start in February and continue till the start of the in-game qualifiers. However, the tournament and registration process have been delayed. Battleground Mobile India shoutcaster Ocean Sharma confirmed on his stream that BMOC registration would start on Monday, 14th March, 2022. Now, the in-game qualifiers will be starting at the end of the month.

BMOC 2022: How to Register

Teams will have to register a squad of 4+2 players. All registering players will have to be at least 16 years old to be able to play in BMOC 2022. Starting 14th March, players will be able to register for BMOC 2022 through the official BGMI esports website.

Players will have to visit the website and fill in their details to secure their slot in the Battlegrounds Mobile India’s first tournament of the year. Krafton has dropped a logo reveal for Battlegrounds Mobile India Mobile Open Challenge today.

BGMI esports tournament prize pools

The four tournaments scheduled for this year are:

  • BMOC – Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge

  • BMPS – Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1

  • BMIS – Battlegrounds Mobile India Series

  • BMPS – Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 2.

While the two BMPS tournaments will have ₹2 crore prize pool each, BMOC and BMIS events will offer cash prizes of ₹1 crore each.

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