BMPS Casters Discuss Why Snax Is Not Part of Team XO’s Active BGMI Roster

Team XO is performing exceptionally well in the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1, currently standing second with a total of 350 points to their name across 32 matches. This includes 164 finish points and 186 placement points, along with seven WWCDs (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner).

The fans are ecstatic to see XO further improve upon its performance after nearly missing the podium finish in its last three outings. Despite the brilliant showing, a question that has troubled many in the community has been the absence of Raj “Snax” Varma from the team’s active BGMI roster in the BMPS Season 1 so far.

The Hindi casters present at the tournament touched upon this topic between matches and presented their opinion on why Snax has been warming the bench instead of competing actively.

Hindi casters at BMPS Season 1 discuss Snax’s absence from Team XO’s active BGMI roster

Team XO has been playing really well so far in the BMPS Season 1. They started off slow mustering just 105 points in the first week of the group stage, placing 17th overall on the points table.

But the team found its rhythm in the second week, pulling up its socks to gain 245 points and racing up on the points table to stand in second place ahead of the third and final week of the group stage.

While the team has achieved all this and are well set to make it through to the grand finals, the absence of Team XO’s star player Snax during this period has been worrying many in the BGMI community. The assaulter has been warming the bench for XO so far in BMPS Season 1 and this got all the Hindi casters discussing during a recent mid-game segment.

They agreed that Snax not playing was a hot topic between the fans, but it has not resulted in the team performance going down, instead XO is doing really well even without their star player.

“It all comes down to the team’s priority. For now, the team is performing well with IMMORTAL [Harsh Shrivastava],” said one of the panelists, “I spoke to a few players and even their manager, for now even they have to say that the four players currently competing for Team XO are performing really good.”

It was also highlighted that at the end of the day BGMI was a team game and though Snax might not be getting a chance to play right now, “If Team XO wins BMPS, Snax would be equally happy like the other players on the lineup.”

Everything boils down to the team winning any particular tournament, if the synergy right now is well settled with IMMORTAL then why not, “I feel all the five players deserve to be in the top four [active lineup]. SENSEI is the IGL, Fierce is a top-class player, Punkk is taking great finishes at the moment, IMMORTAL provides more stability to the team. If Snax comes in Fierce is put on the backfoot whereas with IMMORTAL he is able to play more freely which results in more finishes for the side.”

: The related section starts from 00:13 onwards, but it is in Hindi language.

The last week of the group stage is still left to be played out and it remains to be seen if Snax will finally get a chance to compete in this stage of the tournament or not. Othwerwise, there is always a chance to see him in action during the grand final stage of the event as well.


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