Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI (2024 Guide)

Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI (2024 Guide)

There are several categories of weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and the Bolt Action Rifles are one of the most powerful weapons among them. The Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI shoot one bullet at a time and can be the most effective in mid to long range battles. In this article we will talk about the best Bolt Action Rifles or Sniper Rifles in BGMI and take a look at their stats.

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI 2024

There are various kinds of Sniper Rifles in BGMI such as Kar98, M24, Mosin Nagant, Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) and the Lynx Anti Material Rifle (AMR). Each weapon has its pros and cons and players are required to practice with these weapons in order to master them if they want to secure long range finishes with precision.

AWM: The Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) is one of the special bolt action rifles in BGMI. It is only found  in air drops and uses its own .300 Magnum ammunition. Just one of its bullets is enough to knock down or finish an enemy in one shot. 

  • Ammunition – .300 Magnum.

  • Damage – 105.

  • Magazine – 5 (without extended magazine).

  • Reload Speed – 4.6 seconds.

AMR: One of the newly introduced bolt action rifles in BGMI is the Lynx Anti Material Rifle (AMR). The AMR uses the .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) ammunition and can be found only in Air Drops. One shot from the AMR, body or head is enough to knock down or finish enemies. The only downside of the AMR is that it has a very high recoil and can be difficult to control.

Kar98: The Kar98 is one of the most commonly used bolt action rifles in BGMI. It can be found with the regular loot and uses 7.62mm ammunition. Although the gun uses 7.62mm ammunition only a single headshot from the Kar98 will knockdown or finish enemies. 

M24: The M24 is similar to the Kar98 but with a slight decrease in the damage. It uses 7.62mm ammunition and can be used to win mid to long range battles with ease. It can also knock down enemies wearing level 2 helmet and armor within 300 meters. 

The Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI are one of the best categories of weapons when used in a proper situation. Players only have a single shot to create an impact with the Bolt Action Rifles and in order to do so you are required to have precision for which you need to practice with the Rifles on a daily basis.

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