BON CHAN Explains How Owl and Dominic Joined Blacklist’s Sibol Lineup

Owl’s entry into the Sibol lineup was a “Blessing in Disguise,” says BON CHAN

To complete the Sibol lineup, BON CHAN had to scout for potential candidates to fill the role of Gold Lane and EXP Lane. One of the potential candidates for the Gold Lane role was Johnville “Outplayed” Villar. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred which led BON CHAN to let go of the pro player.

“When we tried him out it’s like ‘ok, he’s the one we’re looking for,’ because he has the attributes of a gold laner,” said the Blacklist International coach.

BON CHAN further commended the pro player’s performance during the tryouts, saying that “He can farm, doesn’t immediately join [in team fights], very cautious. He really does have the attributes of a gold laner.”

However, when BON CHAN offered Outplayed the opportunity to join the Sibol lineup, one team was already one step ahead of them. The pro player was in the process of signing to Omega Esports.

“I asked him what would he prefer, Omega or Blacklist Sibol? He chose Omega [Esports],” BON CHAN said.

When the first candidate declined the offer, the Blacklist International coach went for his second option which was the former Laus Playbook Esports player Jay “Jake The Dog” Lapitan.

“He’s good in 1-on-1, very reliable, he has map awareness. The problem is the unnecessary talks, he speaks unnecessary things that make it seem like the team is just playing for fun,” explained BON CHAN.

While the pro player had potential, BON CHAN went on to look for other candidates. That’s when Blacklist International’s star gold laner Kiel “OHEB” Calvin Soriano introduced Owl who was contemplating giving up his dream of being an MLBB pro player.

“Acquiring him [Owl] was a blessing in disguise because his attitude fits,” said the Blacklist International coach. “His performance is also ok during the tryouts and he has the attributes of a gold laner, he has map awareness, and he was able to unleash his gameplay more when the Sibol qualifier started.”

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