Brawl Stars Brawler Cordelius: How to Unlock, Abilities, Stats, Skins, More

The latest brawler introduced to Brawl Stars is Cordelius, a toxic character from another dimension. He was released on 3rd July along with the Season 19: Enchanted Woods update and is one of the two planned releases alongside Doug, the upcoming hotdog-wielding dinosaur.

Cordelius is an Assassin class, Chromatic brawler who has moderate health and damage output. What sets him apart is his unique Trait which works like an additional passive ability and can be a true menace in the hands of the right player.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest brawler Cordelius, including how this character can be obtained, information about all its abilities, a rundown of his stats, and what skins are currently available in the market to make it look all the more menacing.

New Brawl Stars Brawler Cordelius: Everything You Need to Know

Cordelius is a short character based on a mushroom, one that is definitely toxic. Two noticeable features include a cute little gas mask and the mushroom firing cannon which is also its primary weapon.

Being an Assassin class brawler Cordelius has very fast movement speed which can be increased further under the effect of its ultimate ability.

“He used to be a normal gardener in the park, but the toxicity of the place drove him mad and he ended up getting stuck at that place,” explain the developers.

Cordelius might be the newest brawler in the game but players will still have to grind hard to obtain it.

The first step should be to purchase the Brawl Pass that launched along with Season 19: Enchanted Woods because this brawler is the reward that players will obtain upon reaching Tier 30.

Those that want to grind even harder can opt to not purchase the Brawl Pass and instead collect enough Chroma Credits to unlock the brawler once they reach Tier 30 on the free Brawl Pass.

Every brawler in the game has the following distribution of skills, one primary weapon, one super ability, two gadgets, and two star powers. Here is the entre skillset of Cordelius in full detail.

“This Brawler charges Super from staying close to opposing enemies.”

  • Cordelius has a unique passive ability to charge his Super Ability by simply being in close proximity, six tile circle, to enemy brawlers.

  • Cordelius charges his Super Ability at the rate of 6.75% per second for each enemy brawler in proximity.

“Cordelius shoots two mushrooms with his gardening tool, damaging enemies on hit.”

“Cordelius shoots a Shadow Mushroom that passes through walls and on hit transfers the target and him to the Shadow Realm for 8 seconds. Cordelius has 20% higher movement speed and 30% reload speed in the Shadow Realm.”

“Cordelius jumps over a piece of terrain quickly.”

  • Cordelius quickly scales a piece of terrain, walls or water, in the direction its facing at the time of usage.

“Cordelius’ next main attack shoots a poison mushroom that prevents the enemy from attacking for 1.5 seconds.”

  • Cordelius’ next basic attack silences enemy players for 1.5 seconds, preventing them from using any attacks, ultimates, or other abilities.

  • It will have no effect on passive abilities or spawnable, but active spawnable will definitely be silenced.

“Hitting the second mushroom to the same target as the first, deals 30% extra damage.”

“Cordelius spawns 3 mushrooms to the Shadow Realm after using his super, healing allies and damaging enemies for 730 health on pickup.”


  • Power 1: 3200 HP

  • Power 11: 4800 HP


  • 820 (Very Fast)

  • 980 (Shadow Realm)




Range, Width

Reload Speed, Projectile Speed

Super Charge



Projectile Speed


Charge/Match: Three

Unlock Level: Power Seven

Unlock Level: Power Nine

There are two exclusive skins that have already been released for Cordelius.

  • Poison Cap Cordelius is priced at 29 Gems or 1,000 Bling and is already available in the shop. Interested players can directly purchase this skin if they have already unlocked the character.

  • Spore-Mind Cordelius is priced at 149 Gems or 5,000 Bling and is a Brawl Pass exclusive skin that is available as the main reward at Tier 70.

These are all the gameplay-related things that we know about Cordelius, who seems to be a good character having gone dark without any way of escaping his destiny. He has already been released in Brawl Stars and it is completely up to the players to unlock and obtain him as fast as possible via the Brawl Pass.