Brawl Stars Chuck: Abilities, Gadgets, Star Powers, Trait, Stats, Release Date

Chuck is one of the two new Brawlers who are coming to Brawl Stars as part of Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch. He used to be an orchestra conductor before he joined Starr Park and still continues to be one but for trains.

The Mythic Brawler which is scheduled to release in October, wears a typical conductor hat and rides a vehicle that resembles the engine of a steam train, which also doubles up as his weapon.

Here is everything you need to know about Chuck, including the character’s release date, details about his abilities, important stats, and available skins.

Brawl Stars Chuck: Complete Details

Chuck is a train conductor, who likes to perform certain acts for Gus and is the second member of the Ghost Station Trio. He possesses a unique trait that allows him to start with his super ability completely charged, quite scary to go up against a dashing steam engine.

Though his class has not been mentioned yet, Chuck seems to be either a Tank or Support, based on his raw stats, abilities, gadgets, and star powers.

“The darkness and the weird noises from the Ghost Station inspire his music while he travels between stops. And every once in a while, he performs his act to Gus when he mysteriously shows up.”

Chuck has the following distribution of skills and items in the game, one primary weapon, one super ability, two gadgets, and two star powers.

“This Brawler starts with his Super fully charged.”

“Shoots a cloud of steam from his hat, piercing and damaging enemies on hit”

“Throw a Post on the ground, damaging and knocking back enemies. While close to a Post, dash from Post to Post, damaging enemies along the way.”

  • Chuck has one of the most unique ultimates in the game. It involves him throwing train signs on the floor which damage and knock enemies back.

  • Additionally, he can throw multiple such train signs and then also dash between them to damage enemies along that path.

  • However, dashing between train signs requires a clear line of sight and the action cannot take place through walls.


  • Power 1: 6750 HP

  • Power 11: N/A



Range, Width

Reload Speed, Projectile Speed

Super Charge


  • Power 1: N/A

  • Power 11: N/A


Super Charge

Chuck will be released next month in October, but following his arrival in Brawl Stars, there will be two ways for players to obtain him. They can either purchase him directly from the market or for free by grinding through Starr Road.

There will be a single exclusive skin available for Chuck upon release.

These are all the gameplay-related things that we know about Chuck, who seems to be a friend of Gus with a past that is likely dark while being shrouded in a veil of mystery.

He is the second of the two Brawlers that will be released in the game as part of Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch. It is completely up to the players, how fast they want to unlock and obtain him, either by purchasing him directly when available or grinding through Starr Road.