Brawl Stars Pearl: Abilities, Gadgets, Star Powers, Hypercharge, How to Unlock

Pearl is one of the two latest Brawlers that are going to be released in Brawl Stars as part of Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch. She is a cookie-oven robot that has been created by members of the Goldarm Gang, Sam and Belle, completing the notorious trio.

The Chromatic Brawler is scheduled to release on 11th September and is going to be a Damage Dealer with moderately high health and variable damage output.

She even possesses a special trait that makes her attacks a bit more dangerous and is one of the first six Brawlers in the game to get the new item called Hypercharge, which is unlocked at Power Level 11.

Here is everything you need to know about Pearl, including how this character can be unlocked, details about her abilities, compilation of stats, and available skins.

Brawl Stars Pearl: Complete Details

Pearl is a robot, which is a walking oven created by Sam and Belle, she bakes cookies and uses them as ammunition to attack others, beware of the heat bar which amplifies her strength multifold.

Being a Damage Dealer, Pearl has normal movement speed with variable damage output and moderately high health.

“Against all odds, Pearl found her way into Belle’s and Sam’s hardened hearts thanks to her disarmingly warm nature. Besides, who can resist chocolate cookies?”

Pearl has the following distribution of skills and items in the game, one primary weapon, one super ability, two gadgets, two star powers, and one hypercharge.

“This Brawler’s damage increases slowly over time.”

  • Pearl has a unique passive ability that automatically charges over time and depletes with her primary attack or resets with her super ability.

  • Pearl takes 12 seconds to charge up completely which provides her with a boost of damage.

“Rapid fire hot cookies directly out from the oven, slightly cooling the oven while damaging enemies on hit. The higher the Heat the higher the damage.”

  • Pearl fires six cookies one after the other in a spread-out volley from left to right.

  • This allows her to strike multiple targets but deals moderate damage unless the enemy is at close range.

“Consume and release all the built up Heat in an explosion, damaging all nearby enemies. The higher the Heat the higher the damage.”

  • Pearl after a 0.5-second delay creates a shockwave that deals very high damage, applies a knockback effect, and even destroys covers in a 3.33-tile radius.

“Next basic attack shoots burning cookies, dealing 60% extra damage over 3 seconds.”

“Next basic attack shoots perfectly baked cookies healing allies 25% of the damage overtime instead.”

“Super will consume 50% less Heat when used.”

“While the Heat is over 80%, reduce damage taken by 20%.”


  • Power 1: 4200 HP

  • Power 11: 8400 HP


  • 670 (Normal)

  • 980 (Shadow Realm)


Range, Width

Reload Speed, Projectile Speed

Super Charge


  • Power 1: 1550

  • Power 11: 3100


Super Charge

All players will have to grind hard in order to unlock Pearl, who will be available through the Brawl Stars Season 20 Brawl Pass as the Tier 30 reward.

An alternate way to obtain Pearl is by collecting enough Chroma Credits. This will require the players to simply grind till Tier 30 without purchasing the Brawl Pass and then use Chroma Credits to make the purchase.

There are two exclusive skins that have already been released for Pearl.

  • Periscope Pearl is priced at 149 Gems or 5,000 Bling and is a Brawl Pass exclusive skin that is available as the main reward at Tier 70.

  • Vintage Pearl is priced at 29 Gems or 1,000 Bling and will be available in the shop. Interested players can directly purchase this skin if they have already unlocked the character.

These are all the gameplay-related things that we know about Pearl, who seems to be a great character with a tendency to rage which she discharges through her destructive attacks.

She is the first of the two Brawlers that will be released in the game as part of Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch. It is completely up to the players, how fast they want to unlock and obtain her, either through the Brawl Pass or by using Chroma Credits.